Wednesday, April 7, 2010

California ACR 82

Dear Senate Education Committee Members,

We are Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX).  We write to oppose Assembly Concurrent Resolution 82, which would establish gender identity and sexual orientation “discrimination-free zones” in educational institutions from prekindergarten through college.  Because the resolution fails to include the ex-gay community, PFOX opposes this short-sighted legislation and urges you to vote against ACR 82.


Ex-gays are subject to an increasingly hostile environment where we are labeled as perpetrators of hate and discrimination against homosexuals simply because we advocate for or live out a different view of homosexuality. 


Alternatives to homosexuality are interpreted as harassment “against” gays.  Consequently, sexual orientation non-discrimination policies like ACR 82 are used to silence the ex-gay community and legitimize intolerance against former homosexuals.  Fighting “hate” and “discrimination” against gays has become a euphemism for attacks against ex-gays and their supporters.


Former homosexuals, as well as their friends and family, feel threatened because they are subjected to a hostile environment if they publicly claim their former homosexuality or support of the ex-gay community.  To give sexual orientation protection to one group while excluding another is outright discrimination.


Former homosexuals are the last invisible minority group in America.  The ex-gay movement is a civil rights movement to ensure the safety and inclusion of former homosexuals in all realms of society, and supports the ex-gay community’s equal access to all public venues. 


Ex-gays and their supporters should not have to be closeted for fear of other’s negative reactions or disapproval.  They do not think something is wrong with them because they decided to fulfill their heterosexual potential.  Nor do they believe others should condemn them for the personal decision they have made for their lives.  Full diversity must include the ex-gay community.  Yet ACR 82 fails to specifically include former homosexuals.


Please do not vote for this flawed resolution which will only increase discrimination in educational institutions. 


Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays






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