Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conference on Gender Identity Disorder

Help 4 Families Presents, “Hope Gathering 2010”
       Date: May 22, 2010                   Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm                                                               

Where: Church of the Savior                        Address: 1301 Brannon Rd, Nicholasville, KY    
                                                                Registration info available at www.help4families
Gain a deeper understanding of Gender Identity Disorder in a Christ centered gathering. Learn about the root issues that may cause a conflict with God’s design for sexuality and gender.  This Hope Gathering will also provide an opportunity for families to connect with others while learning Biblical keys to use in their own lives to deal with the hurt and pain they are experiencing.  Individuals struggling with their sexuality or gender will be encouraged through personal testimonies of those who have struggled themselves with these issues. Ministers and therapists will be given effective tools and increased understanding of how to minister in grace and truth.
Keynote Speaker David Maynard David studied at Asbury Theological Seminary and is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.  David will present: A Place of Refuge - Turn on nearly any television show and you will find a gay man portrayed.  The American culture is saturated with the issue of sexual identity.  Yet until we are personally faced with the issue, we are uncertain how to respond.  In his keynote address, David will offer encouragement, food-for-thought, and practical applications on how to create an environment that fosters relational healing and growth in light of the Christian faith.

James “Jim” E. Phelan, Psy.D, LCSW, BCD, ICADC will present “Learn about gender confusion and how to respond to this issue.”  We will look at the contributing factors of Gender Identity Disorder (GID), a problem detectable in early childhood.  Children with GID who go without proper intervention can develop adult problems, notably sexual confusion.  You will learn what can be done to prevent gender confusion, as well as how to help and support those dealing with gender confusion in a compassionate, Christian way. Learning Objectives: 1) Learn the particulars of gender confusion from a clinician’s standpoint, but in layman’s terms.  2) Learn about the various factors that can lead a child to gender confusion. 3) Learn strategies to prevent gender confusion.  4) Learn how to intervene with those dealing with gender confusion in a compassionate, Christian way.  Jim is the author of two books.

Denise Shick - Founder of Help 4 Families and the author of “My Daddy’s Secret”. Denise Shick is an author, speaker, and the Director of Help 4 Families, a Christian Ministry that compassionately reaches out to family members and churches, bringing a broader understanding of the emotional pain and spiritual confusion that people face when a loved one has gender identity issues. Denise will speak and present a workshop.

Workshops Offered:                                                                                                                                                                                           
Roots and Shoots - Sherry Holt is co-facilitator of Journey to Freedom, a Louisville based group for women with unwanted same sex attraction.  Having left a 24 yr marriage, ministry and home to follow a lesbian relationship, Sherry believed understanding and healing of the root issues were the answers to her freedom. It is from this experience and walk of freedom for several years that this seminar is based.  Highlights of co-facilitator Deborah Snelling’s testimony will also be an inspiration as she shares a miraculous, tangible encounter with Christ that brought her out of 27 yrs of lesbianism.  These truths are keys to freedom from ANY life controlling problem.

Understanding The Impact of G.I.D. Denise Shick will bring an understanding of the impact and involvement many families experience when a loved one identifies as being the wrong gender that God had created them. This workshop will take a look at the differences and similarities of homosexuality and transsexuality. This class will also bring an insightful understanding of the impact that gender confusion causes in a marriage and other family relationships. We will discuss the needs of the individual and families by addressing biblical tools that can be helpful when dealing with these issues.

Is It My Fault? – David Maynard will facilitate this workshop.  Pop culture has pegged the cause of homosexuality on the genes, while others argue the cause is the family and environment. But what does science say?  Participants will walk away from this workshop with a more comprehensive understanding of homosexuality.
Personal Testimonies - The Hope Gathering will have the honor to present individuals who had lived the life of their opposite-born gender. They will share their personal journey in order to bring hope to others.       
A Question & Answer Panel will be provided in the afternoon session.            
Registration info available at www.help4families.com

Also available:

Click the link below for an 8 page booklet on gender identity disorder written by the daughter of a cross-dresser:

You can order the booklet for $3.00 each, which includes postage, from

Help 4 Families
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