Monday, April 26, 2010

PFLAG Still Proselytizing

Last week PFLAG distributed flyers to students in the Montgomery County, Maryland public schools.

As usual, PFLAG’s flyers discussed religion and promoted gay affirming “congregations” --


From PFLAG’s flier:
"Doesn't religion teach that homosexuality is wrong? Regardless of parental religious beliefs, it is vital that all children feel
loved by their parents. Some religions still condemn homosexuality, but others are completely affirming, while others still are struggling
with theological interpretations.  Metro DC PFLAG can refer you to information specific to your own religion, including local gay-
friendly congregations."

ow ironic it is that gay activists like PFLAG always accuse ex-gays of being religious ‘bible thumpers’ when it is their materials that are actually promoting religions that support their lifestyles. 

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