Monday, May 3, 2010

Alameda School Board Fails to Approve Ex-Gay Books

Alameda School Board Approves Biased K-5 Literature


ALAMEDA, California (April 14, 2010) – The Alameda Unified School District Board voted 4:1 to approve 21 books including five promoting homosexuality and Gender Identity Disorder. Alameda Concerned Parents claims the Board of Education has violated its own policy on controversial issues (BP6144), which could interfere with normal childhood development.


The district claimed the books were anti-bullying books on disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation and race/ethnicity. Kerry Cook, Spokesperson for Alameda Concerned Parents, told the Board that they were concerned the list of books would not prevent bullying of all children. She quoted a parent who cannot speak for fear of losing his job; “This is homosexual and transgender behavior acceptance training.” One of the Board Members, Mike McMahon, appeared to agree because he said “This is not about bullying.” However, he then voted for it.


Alameda Concerned Parents claim there are two sides to this issue because many doctors believe homosexuality and Gender Identity Disorder are behaviors that can be changed. They asked the Board to consider the American College of Pediatricians recent letter to all school districts -

The books All I Want to Be Is Me” for Grades 4-5, “Heather Has Two Mommies” for Grade 2, “And Tango Makes Three for Grade 3, “In Our Mother’s House” for Grade 4, and “The Harvey Milk Story” for Grade 5 portray a biased representation of homosexuality and gender identity.


Ms. Cook says while this topic is inappropriate for elementary school aged children, most parents were willing to compromise on three books that show homosexual families in the context of other families. “We have been asking the district to find common ground since they announced their plans to provide sexual confusion training to young children in February 2009, and once again, have been ignored.”



Kerry Cook, Alameda Concerned Parents

(415) 694-9074



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