Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Give DC the vote or practice equality for all groups and not just gays

Would it not be great if the people in DC got a chance to vote?

D.C. Mayor Fenty and Councilmember Vincent Grey voted for gay marriage in DC on the grounds of equality and fairness, but now they can’t show it to ex-gays.




 D.C. Same-Sex Marriage Recognition in Court


Family groups argue people in the District should have the right to vote on the definition of marriage.

A federal appeals court heard arguments today in a case that would stop the recognition of same-sex unions in the District of Columbia and give people the chance to vote on the issue.

The Court of Appeals is under no time limit, but a decision is expected sometime this year. 

The D.C. City Council voted to legalize same-sex marriage in December, and pro-family groups have been turned down by the Board of Elections several times as they tried to put together a ballot initiative.

A recent Washington Post poll showed 59 percent of adult D.C. residents believe voters should be allowed to vote "Yes" or "No" on the definition of marriage in the District.

Bishop Harry Jackson, founder of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, said he wants the people to decide.

"We've been dealing with legislation from the bench," he said.  "The lower courts and the Court of Elections all felt that certain things were popular and they wanted to go with the mood of the area as opposed to just giving the voters their constitutional right to have a vote."

Jackson said marriage between one man and one woman and same-sex marriage cannot coexist and not have an effect on each other.

"You redefine marriage, you redefine family," he said. "You redefine family, you redefine parenting.  Redefining parenting changes what we're taught in schools."

Austin Nimocks, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, said the case has implications far beyond the Beltway.
"In America, we respect the right to vote," he said.  "This is about a basic, fundamental right that undergirds our entire democratic system in America, and here it's happening in the cradle of liberty."



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