Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letter to Dennis Prager From a JONAH Man

Letter to Dennis Prager From a JONAH Man ( May 2010)

   by "Israel"

NOTE from Elaine Silodor Berk, Co-Director of JONAH:  This letter was written to Dennis Prager ( ), who is a radio talk show host on AM 970, because Mr. Prager recently stated on the radio that he has never met a man who was able to change his homosexual attractions.  We encourage others to contact Mr. Prager and tell him about the hope and healing offered by JONAH and our sister organizations in PATH: .

Dear Mr. Prager,

In response to recent views that men cannot overcome unwanted homosexuality:

I am one of hundreds (and probably thousands) of men who thought I was born with attractions to men, and who thought that attraction to the fairer sex would remain something forever out of my reach, and, who has discovered this was, thankfully, not true.

I am one of hundreds (and probably thousands) of men who, with therapy and hard work, has come to discover a real attraction to women, and to see that my attraction to men is based on deep emotional wounds.  As those wounds heal, my attraction to men has diminished.  As I continue to work on myself and grow as a human being, this process will continue, as it has for so many others, leading one to day a happy fulfilling marriage enjoyed by many who once believed change was impossible.

I, like many Americans, believed that change was impossible.  Hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the pro-gay lobby, supported by fictions repeated often enough until they became accepted as dogma and political correctness, fed a myth I and many others embraced as truth.  The voices of those who believed men were not born this way, and studies and research that supported this, weren't heard; a tragedy that persists.

Change is possible.  My life is an example, as are the lives of many touched by the work of places like PeopleCanChange, NARTH, JONAH and others.

I appreciate your honesty with your well considered perspectives on current affairs.  My hope is that you'll contact some of the groups who have helped many of us see the light in the closet, and find our way out.
Your platform is an important one.  Whether you ultimately agree or disagree with our path, I hope you will see enough wisdom in this journey to offer others hope.



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