Tuesday, June 1, 2010

American Psychological Assoc. Homosexuality Treatment Guidelines

In the wake of the APA - Gay and Lesbian Task Force Report on homosexuality released at their august 2009 convention, the APA has put together Guidelines for Treatment of LGB clients. 

Taking a look at these new (ethical) guidelines really opens your eyes to the ultimate direction they are heading - making assisting those with unwanted homosexuality illegal. they are just using the drip, drip, drip method. Slowly taking away the rights of faith organizations and people of faith to attend to this important issue.

 Some of the guidelines are more concerning than others, for example:

 Guideline 3. Psychologists strive to consider that same-sex attractions, feelings, and behavior

are normal variants of human sexuality and that efforts to change sexual orientation are neither

effective nor safe for many clients.

 Guideline 8. Psychologists strive to understand the experiences and challenges faced by lesbian,

gay, and bisexual parents.

(In this section they say that the research shows that lesbian partners are more effective parents than fathers in heterosexual families!)

 You can read the 21 new proposed guidelines at:



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