Sunday, June 13, 2010

California - Campbell support for gay marriage sinks his candidacy


By NOM-Rhode Island

Washington, DC – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today expressed satisfaction that California US Senate candidate Tom Campbell was soundly defeated in his bid to capture the Republican US Senate nomination. NOM waged a fierce and ultimately successful campaign against Campbell’s bid for the GOP nomination. 

“It’s clear that Tom Campbell’s support for gay marriage played a major factor in his shellacking in the Republican primary for US Senate,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “NOM was the first to attack Campbell with our statewide ‘Two Peas, Same Liberal Pod’ television ad that compared his position on gay marriage and other issues to identical positions held by Barbara Boxer. This helped define Campbell as a liberal for California Republicans. Then, our telephone program where we called 600,000 Republican households reminding voters that Campbell favored gay marriage and opposed Proposition 8 sent his campaign into a tailspin from which he never recovered.” 

According to polling on Real Clear Politics, Campbell led the US Senate race by as much as 15 points over Carly Fiorina on May 19th. NOM launched its robo calls over the three day period of May 19-21. From that point forward, Campbell faded and Fiorina surged, winning the race in a landslide. 

“California Republicans can be proud that they have a pro-marriage, pro-family, fiscally conservative nominee in Carly Fiorina. We are looking forward to a spirited and ultimately successful campaign to oust Barbara Boxer from the US Senate,” Brown said. “But NOM delivered an important message tonight in defeating Tom Campbell. For years gay marriage groups like the Human Rights Campaign have been telling Republicans that there is no price to be paid for supporting gay marriage. Just as we proved in ending Dede Scozzafava‘s career in New York, we have shown tonight that Republican support of gay marriage is a career ending position. We will continue to play a leading role in letting voters know where candidates stand on marriage. We are looking forward to doing more of the same in places like Iowa and New Hampshire this fall.” 


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