Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ex-Gays Should Apply for this Job

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The following Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools  (OSDFS)  vacancy announcement for a Management Program Analyst GS-343-7/9 with potential to the GS-12 position located in OSDFS’ Center for School Preparedness is now posted and closes on July 13, 2010.  The announcement is open to All Sources (non-status) and Federal agencies (status) candidates.


If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the announcement or wish to apply, you must submit your application online through the EdHires website which can be  found at the USAJOBS link to view the specific announcements, please follow the links published below:


Announcement #         Grade Level/Eligibility/Link     

WA357614-LM                    GS-0343-07 (All Sources - Candidates outside the government-No Status)  




OSDFS-2010-0008               GS-343-9 (All Sources – Candidates outside the government-No status)

OSDFS-2010-0009               GS-343-9 (Department of ED employees and other Federal employees-status)




 We ask your assistance in the recruiting process by providing a copy of the announcement(s) to anyone you believe would be interested in and would be qualified for the position.  Please note the above closing date of the vacancy announcement. Applications will not be accepted after that date.

 Federal/status employees = those who were hired via the competitive process who are eligible for reinstatement.


 Non-Status candidates = those who were hired via the excepted appointing authority or never been a federal employee (e.g., Administratively Determined (AD), Schedule C's, etc.).  Federal employees may also apply under this category and compete with outside candidates. 


You can "view only" the vacancy announcement for this position by clicking on the attached Word file.  This file contains the actual announcement with KSA questions associated with the position.  However, you must apply for this position through the website referenced above.    



Gizelle Young

OSDFS Executive Office



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