Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Baby of Lesbian Parenting Support Group Kills Herself

Rest in peace.


Obituaryfor Aiden, formerly known as Caitlan


Aiden Schaeff Rivera

SCHAEFF RIVERA, Aiden - was born in Kingston, Canada May 25, 1992 and died in his struggle with Transgender Intolerance on April 22, 2010 in Maryland, USA. He leaves behind his mothers Cathy Schaeff and Patty Rivera, his dog companion Addy, his cat Marco and Patches, his four legged “sibling“. Here in Kingston, his “family“ struggles with this unacceptable loss: Cindy, Malcolm, Sebastian, Stacey, Janis, Hannah, Mary, Auntie Kathy, Elizabeth, Kathleen, Ron and countless other members of his Kingston “village“ celebrate his life. Aiden's life was remarkable. He was the first baby, of over 20, that was conceived and born into Kingston after the Lesbian Parenting Support Group formed in the early 1990's. He was the first child in Ontario to legally have two mothers on his birth certificate. He watched his mothers legally marry in his lifetime and he bravely carved his own path when he reached out on his transgender journey. This struggle was somehow more complicated in Maryland that in his birth community. Aiden had a wonderful sense of friendship, compassion, creativity and acceptance. In Kingston, Malcolm, his friend from birth, will never forget him. In Maryland, hundreds of youth have rallied, reached out to each other and created a facebook page. (RIP Aiden Grimlock) Please take from this announcement the lesson that you don't need to understand transgender issues but you can smile, offer kindness and be supportive. Should you wish to do more, a fund has been set up in Aiden's name to help at risk youth. Mail to Lee Holsopple at University - Wide Initiatives Office, American University, 4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington,DC. 20016 -made out to “In memory of Aiden Rivera Schaeff“. 11


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