Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Struggler's Prayer

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A Struggler's Prayer
 Written by Paul from England

Written by: Paul
(Posted June 2010)

God, please show me how to accept my past and be hopeful about my future.

Show me how to be more accepting of the gift of masculinity that you have given me, and give me the courage to always use my masculinity with the God-given purpose that you designed it for.

Show me how to welcome the power of masculinity.


I release my father and mother from responsibility for who I am today and I truly accept full responsibility for my life as a man.

Show me how to love and respect my father and mother.


Assist me to only respect and admire other men for their strengths, qualities and for who they are as men, for as I do this, I will be shown how I am even more like them, and have even more in common with them.

Show me how to see myself as you do, equal to other men.


Show me how I can assist other men to be true to their God-given masculinity.

I pray that you will deliver to me opportunities to demonstrate my masculinity, according to your true purpose for me, and also to help other men do the same.

Give me the courage to form lasting meaningful friendships with other men that allow my masculinity to develop further.


Assist me to be respectful of my body and mind, and to ensure that I can deliver for you through my masculinity, the purpose that you have designed for me.


I release my thoughts, feelings, desires and actions as a man into your hands, only then will I be able to use fully the nature of my masculinity that you have given me.

Allow me to see, completely and truthfully, the full masculine gifts that you have given me, and help me to see myself through your loving eyes.


I know to trust you,

I accept my God-given masculinity in your name, and with your guidance, and my faith in you, I will become the man that you have destined me to be.


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