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Nat'l PTA snubs PFOX - again

Bill Bumpas - OneNewsNow - 6/11/2010 8:35:00 AMBookmark and Share

National PTA logoA pro-family organization claims the Parent Teachers Association has again rejected its request to exhibit at the National PTA convention.


The group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) says the PTA allows homosexual-rights groups to exhibit at its convention, but denies PFOX the same opportunity because it does not comply with the PTA's diversity and inclusion policy. PFOX executive director Regina Griggs questions the PTA's definition of diversity.
She asks: "Who could be more diverse than a group [with] parents and friends who have homosexual children, who also have ex-gay children, ex-gay friends, [and] who merely want to let you know that change is possible -- that there is hope for people with unwanted same-sex attractions?"

See PTA's denial letter to PFOX

This year's convention is taking place this weekend at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis, Tennessee. PFOX claims it tried for eight months to gain permission to have an exhibit booth at the gathering, even leaving voicemail messages -- that went unanswered -- for the National PTA president Charles Saylors.


What's the underlying reason the National PTA doesn't allow PFOX

to have an exhibit booth at its annual convention?

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PFOX logoGriggs says she is especially disappointed in the lack of support shown by Saylors. According to the PTA website, the National PTA president attends a Southern Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina.
"If he's so proud that he's a Southern Baptist, that's he's a Christian man, why...has he not responded to an email or phone call from us?" she wonders.
"I know we shouldn't challenge people on their faith, but a Christian should not turn his back on a Christian organization and on parents and on ex-gay men and women who have appealed to him to allow them to come," Griggs concludes. "That is not Christian."
According to Griggs, the PTA has become a "left-wing advocacy group" instead of serving the needs of all children.
"Five years ago -- when the former director of the GLBT Civil Rights Division of the [National Education Association] became their CEO -- was the same year that we applied [to be an exhibitor]," the PFOX leader explains. "And from that point on, we have had no cooperation, impolite behavior -- and parents, teachers, children are never hearing the truth."
Saylors could not be reached for comment. The national convention in Memphis concludes on Sunday.







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