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Dissenters Will Be Punished!


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Dissenters Will Be Punished!

Homosexual activists are no longer content to try to end "discrimination" against homosexuals--they are now trying to impose discrimination on anyone who dissents from their views. The most recent evidence comes from Georgia, where Augusta State University counseling student Jennifer Keeton has had to file a federal lawsuit, with the help of our friends at Alliance Defense Fund, to defend her rights. When Jen expressed her Christian view that homosexual conduct is morally wrong in class and in private conversation with other students, the faculty responded by insisting that she participate in a "remediation plan"--essentially, a year-long program of intensive pro-homosexual indoctrination that would only be considered successful if she abandoned her moral values.

Unfortunately, this is not the first such story of political correctness in the counseling profession reaching totalitarian levels. ADF is representing a student who was already kicked out of a similar program at Eastern Michigan University, and another woman who was fired as a counselor for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, her story appears on our video "ENDA: The End of Religious Freedom in America?." This radical agenda--not just to officially affirm homosexuality, but to forcefully crush any dissent--is exactly what Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has endorsed. When will they learn that we have no intention of forfeiting our constitutional right to free speech and freedom of religion?

Defense Authorization Bill: Question of the Day

If the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is revoked, what would the medical implications be? Dr. Robert Labutta (U.S. Army, Colonel, Ret.) addresses those concerns in today's video clip.

Q: "What are the health implications if the law is changed to allow open homosexuality in the military?"

Homosexuals are identified by the U.S. government as a cohort at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. At the National HIV Prevention Conference in August 2009, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that AIDS is 50 times more common in men who have sex with men (homosexuals and bisexuals) than in other populations. HIV is already a threat to military readiness--although HIV-positive recruits are excluded from the military, those who become HIV-positive while serving cannot be discharged, but they also cannot be deployed overseas. However, this is far from the only health risk to homosexuals. One of the nation's leading AIDS researchers, Ronald Stall, has declared, "It may be a fallacy to say that HIV is the dominant, most dangerous and most damaging epidemic among gay men in the United States today. There are at least four other epidemics occurring among gay men that are intertwining and making each other worse. This is called a syndemic." The "four other epidemics" are "substance abuse, partner violence, depression and childhood sexual abuse."

Pruning "Marriage" Rights in the Garden State

New Jersey is enjoying something of a conservative Renaissance. Gov. Chris Christie's (R) strong defense of fiscal and social conservatism is being augmented by the work of New Jersey's Supreme Court, which has now stated it will not review litigation that threatens to make homosexual "marriage" legal. The decision in the Garden State's highest court was 3-3, in itself a tie, but for a motion to proceed four affirmative votes are required.

As noted by the Philadelphia Enquirer, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner and two colleagues stated that the case "cannot be decided without the development of an appropriate trial-like record," and denied the plaintiffs' motion without prejudice. This means, in essence, that proponents of "gay marriage" will have to begin in a lower court before their case reaches the state's highest bench.

This follows legislative action earlier this year in which the New Jersey State Senate voted down a bill to legalize homosexual "marriage." Gov. Christie has said he would support an amendment to the New Jersey Constitution, as 30 states have already done, prohibiting same-sex "marriage." Although New Jersey recognizes "civil unions," it is clear that the state's governor, elected representatives, and leading judges are not willing to be bullied by the activist homosexual lobby into circumventing the processes by which the ridiculous notion of homosexual "marriage" can even be considered. For that, they deserve the gratitude of those of us who believe not just in marriage as it was designed by God but who also respect the rule of law.


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