Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Retreat for Parents of Gay Identified Children - with Janelle Hallman


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Do you know of a father or mother who is struggling or even despairing as they face the reality that their son or daughter has same-sex attraction? If so, Janelle's upcoming "Healing a Parent's Heart Retreat" may be the support that they need to push through the shock and disappointment of a child's homosexuality. The retreat is designed as an experiential and psychoeducational large group (up to 15 couples) experience and involves a full staff of seasoned counselors and men and women who understand the struggle as well as parents who have dealt with their own pain. This new and groundbreaking retreat is scheduled for:


July 23-25, 2010 in Denver, Colorado 

To be held at the DoubleTree Hotel and Janelle's offices which are right next door  


For more information see:


This is what mother's have said so far about Janelle's retreats: "The Retreat was a God given break for me and all my worries. Although the situation remains the same, I can honestly say that I changed - and it was for the better. It felt like I "unloaded" a big heavy weight off my shoulders!" Another mom said, "I feel renewed. I feel more capable to be there for my daughter." And yet another, "This retreat helped me to understand the importance of my own healing in order to improve my relationship with my daughter.


Now Janelle and her team are available to offer the same kind of help and support to mothers of gay sons and fathers of homosexual sons or daughters.


Hope - Faith - Love. That is what the parents will leave with. "It was beyond all my expectations!"


Janelle has also launched a follow-up Teleconference Support group for parents who attend the Retreats. So don't hesitate to pass along the information to hurting parents in need!



Please don't hesitate to call if you have further questions: (303) 429-2100.

Janelle Hallman, MA, LPC


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