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Friday, Aug. 13, 2010

Ruth Jacobs: Who really would win if District 18 candidate is elected?

The Gazette story ("Gay candidates seek record voice in legislature," June 18) documents the assistance provided to political candidates solely on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.

The website for "The Fund" states, "The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund works to elect LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) leaders to public office for one simple reason. They change America's politics."

But even without being elected, Dana Beyer, who is a male-to-female transgender seeking office in District 18, already has changed Montgomery County politics. As an aide to Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg and the vice president of Equality Maryland, a special-interest homosexual activist group, Beyer promoted the controversial "gender identity" law in Montgomery County over citizen protests and despite her obvious conflict of interest.

Supported by "The Fund," Beyer has relied on approximately 75 percent of out-of-state campaign donations in her mandate to "change America's politics." Our question is, would this be a "victory for all of Maryland" or instead a "victory for Beyer and The Fund."

Few are aware of the role Dana Beyer played in preventing citizens from collecting signatures to place the gender identity bill on a referendum so Montgomery County voters could vote on it.

During the signature collection period, Beyer threatened potential signers by telling them that their names would be posted on the Internet as bigots if they dared to sign the petition and confirmed in a newspaper story that she had successfully blocked signature collection efforts at grocery stores. Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government (MCRG) released a video and press release of Beyer intimidating volunteers collecting signatures. See

www.notmyshower.com/Press_release_2.25.08.pdf  and www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYqz2rffZ0w .

When the Montgomery County Board of Elections certified the referendum to allow citizens to vote on the gender identity bill, Beyer threatened in a blog that the County Council should defund the elections board for certifying the referendum. Beyer and her Equality Maryland then promoted a legal challenge to void the referendum, which disenfranchised the more than 26,000 certified citizen signatures and consequently half a million Montgomery County voters.

A self-proclaimed activist, Beyer has now sued Montgomery County under the same gender identity law she promoted, stating that doing so was "delicious irony."

When "The Fund" proclaims that it works to elect LGBT leaders to public office only to change America's politics, they mean it. Marylanders must therefore become aware of the outside influence of this special-interest group.

We can see Dana Beyer's political record in Montgomery County. Marylanders must ask if this is the kind of change that is good for Maryland children and families. Do Marylanders want to be listened to by their state legislators, or disenfranchised and ignored because of the LGBT agenda?


Ruth Jacobs, an infectious disease physician practicing in Rockville, is president of the organization Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government.


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