Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Log Cabin Republicans a front for Tim Gill?



Over the weekend, the Log Cabin Republican organization hit a new low — which I didn’t think was possible.  After this blog and others exposed LCR decomposing into a front organization for the leftist Tim Gill Foundation…  and after LCR’s former Executive Director left the place in financial ruin, even I didn’t think it could get worse.

The Log Cabin Republicans of Los Angeles are holding a special event at this weekend’s gay pride festival in L.A.: A tea bag toss!

Contestants can buy a tea bag and win a prize if they toss it into the open “mouths” of three politicians: gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown (D), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin.

“We figured this year we ought to take it up a notch and do something that is engaging and somewhat amusing and shows that we can even laugh at ourselves,” Scott Schmidt, president of of Log Cabin-Los Angeles, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

He said he included Palin in the game in order to give the game a more bipartisan feel, telling the Chronicle that she had raised the sales tax when she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Thanks to Log Cabin, the ugly slur “teabagger” — first coined for the Tea Party by none other than Anderson Cooper — is being reinforced. And, to top it off… Log Cabin has the teabag going into Sarah Palin’s mouth.   Palin — the number one target for liberals is assailed in this bizarre stunt by a so-called Republican organization. 

Palin has gone through enough mindless attacks — why does an alleged Republican organization have to target her as well with a disgusting sexual slur?

Well, that’s stunt is sure to please crazy Andy Sullivan and get LCR’s Schmidt an invite to the next big Gay Lefty party.  Congrats, Scott.

Meantime, the new Log Cabin Executive Director was instrumental in helping defeat gay conservative Congressional candidate Matthew Berry.  Mark Ciavola at RightPride.org notes:

[T]hey [Log Cabin] supported the pro-choice, anti-gay Iraq War veteran Patrick Murray in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District over the pro-life, conservative, former FCC lawyer Matthew Berry. Oh, did I mention that Berry is a gay conservative?  So why would Log Cabin support Murray, over a gay conservative who is pro-life, and stands up for state’s rights and the repeal of DADT? Simple: Log Cabin no longer has the best interests of the Gay Right at heart – and hasn’t for some time. They raised money for Murray, who won the primary against Berry last Tuesday. Good job R. Clarke Cooper!

It is no surprise that Cooper follows in the unseemly tradition of Patrick Guerriero.  My source on the Log Cabin board told me they chose Cooper under specific instructions from Tim Gill — who is the group’s major donor and who is one of the Gay Left’s most prolific fundraisers.

I have decided to go on a personal crusade against Log Cabin Republicans.  As a gay conservative — they should be “outed” completely as a left-wing fringe organization.  I have some specific actions in mind which I will reveal over the next few days.  Good, clean fun stuff.

-Bruce (GayPatriot)

[GP Ed. Note: In full disclosure, I am the Treasurer of the gay conservative group, GOProud.  This blog item reflects my own personal feelings and does not necessarily reflect the views of GOProud or any of its members.]


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