Monday, October 4, 2010

American Association of Christian Counselors

Two weeks ago PFOX exhibited at the 2010 American Christian Counseling Conference held by the American Association of Christian Counselors.  Many counselors stopped by our PFOX exhibit booth to talk to ex-gays, ask questions, and pick up our educational literature. 


The counselors and professionals we spoke to were very excited with our materials and that we exist.  We had a handful of people say without any prompting; “You must be America's best kept secret.”  A few others kindly said they would pray for us. 


We met numerous people from all across the country who are dealing in great numbers with people who are experiencing same-sex attraction, ex-gays, family members affected by loved ones with same-sex attraction, and strugglers who asked for our help.  We gave out a good amount of literature and resources, answered a lot of questions, and listened intently.  


Thanks for making this possible.  Without donors like you we could not print our informative brochures and exhibit at conferences like this one.  You are spreading the word that change is possible and giving much needed hope.  Attendees of this national conference returned to their local communities and spread that hope there.


We ask for your gifts to continue our work.  Remember, no one else does it but PFOX

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