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Child Victim of Kinsey "Research" Tells Story of Rape




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October 25, 2010


Child Victim of Kinsey "Research" Tells Story of Rape


After claiming her father was paid by sexologist Alfred C. Kinsey during the 1940s to rape her for his "research" compilation, Esther White (pseudonym) is speaking out on how she was a child victim of these sex studies. Kinsey, the Indiana University researcher who is known as the father of the sexual revolution, founded The Kinsey Institute in 1953, which claims it "works toward advancing sexual health and knowledge worldwide." However, the methods Kinsey used are unethical by any standard, and the data is flawed. 


Esther was only seven years old when her father began the illicit sexual experimentation on her, performing different acts with her, timing her reaction with a stopwatch, and even video-recording the entire process to send to Kinsey. Esther says she witnessed both her father and grandfather personally receiving checks from Kinsey for their sexual acts. Although The Kinsey Institute claims the research strategies never involved paying pedophiles, Esther is now asking for a congressional investigation of The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. Until now, The Kinsey Institute has not provided any disclosure of the research records compiled during this time. However, Table 34 in Kinsey's book, "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male," published in 1948, lists the number of orgasms of children, some as young as two, performed within a 24-hour period.


Alfred Kinsey and The Kinsey Institute should be held accountable for the massive fraud they've perpetrated. These victims deserve justice.


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