Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Book




October 2010


Straight Talk About Homosexuality:

The Other Side of Tolerance 


Everything you ever wanted to know about homosexuality

but were afraid to ask!


Straight Talk About Homosexuality is a virtual blueprint to resolve the homosexual dilemma facing our culture and world today.  


Chapters include:

1. Brief history of the "Gay Rights Movement."

2. The hidden meaning behind same-sex attraction (SSA).

3. Clues why five celebrities experience SSA.

4. How to love your homosexual family members and friends.

 5. Unmasking the homosexual myth--"born gay and can't change." Discover the real facts--not born with SSA and can change.


Did you know that every day people change from "gay" to straight? This is a must read for every parent, teacher, counselor, clergy, and all who wish to understand what drives homosexual feelings and how to respond in love.


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Perfect gift for your clergy, therapist, family members, friends, and co-workers! 


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