Saturday, November 13, 2010

promoting "gay" marriage tolerance with swearing children

I Swear-Homosexual Activists Do the D***edest Things
by Peter Sprigg
November 9, 2010

(Caution: Some of the information below, and the website it describes,
are not appropriate for children.)

Some homosexual activists are their own worst enemies.

The latest evidence of that fact is a website recently brought to my
attention by someone who wrote to the Family Research Council. I refuse
to post an actual link to this website, but you can easily type it in
yourself. It follows the form of f**, with letters in the second
and third positions.

The beginning of that web address is the three consonants of a
well-known four-letter obscenity known as "the f-word." The "h8"
at the end of that address stands for "hate."

Homosexual activists have been spelling it "h8" ever since the
successful 2008 campaign in California to pass Proposition 8, a
constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and
one woman. Twenty-nine of the fifty states now have such amendments.

Leave aside, for the moment, the mystery of how treating uniquely the
human relationship that is uniquely capable of reproducing the human
race, and believing that children deserve a mother and a father, could
possibly constitute "hate."

If you go to the website, you will find a short (two minutes or so)
video. It consists of several people ranting and raving against the
opponents of same-sex "marriage"-while repeatedly "dropping the

Is this supposed to be funny? Do homosexual activists really think that
the way to persuade opponents of same-sex "marriage" to support it
is-to swear at people? Repeatedly?

During the Proposition 8 campaign, one of the most effective issues for
advocates of Prop. 8 was the concern that children would be taught to
affirm and celebrate homosexuality and same-sex "marriage" in the
public schools. Opponents vehemently insisted that same-sex
"marriage" would have no impact on schools or on children
whatsoever. So then what happened? A class of first-graders was brought
to San Francisco City Hall to witness the wedding of their lesbian
teacher. So much for the "no impact" claim.

Another example occurred in the recent debate over legislation that
would repeal the current law against open homosexuality in the military.
To break a filibuster, liberals had targeted two Republican
senators-Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine. To sway the
votes of Collins and Snowe, homosexual activists staged a major rally in
Maine the day before the vote. The headline speaker was Stefani
Germanotta, the 24-year-old, strangely-dressed, boundary-pushing pop
singer better known as "Lady Gaga." The effort failed, as Collins
and Snowe voted with the rest of the Republican caucus. But did
homosexual activists really believe that the gentleladies from Maine
would be persuaded by Lady Gaga?

Actually, the point of the anti-"H8" web video is not to change
minds-it's to raise money. You can buy t-shirts, buttons, or
stickers bearing the "F**H8" message, or milder and less cryptic
ones like, "Some dudes marry dudes. Get over it." Proceeds will
"help fund the fight for equal marriage rights."

Five dollars from the sale of each thirteen-dollar t-shirt is donated
to one of four pro-homosexual activist groups (none of which sponsor or
endorse the website). One is the American Foundation for Equal Rights,
which was founded by Hollywood actor and director Rob Reiner (yes, the
"meathead" from All in the Family) to hire Republican and
Democratic super-lawyers Ted Olson and David Boies for a federal lawsuit
to overturn Proposition 8. So the August decision by Judge Vaughn Walker
(now on appeal), that same-sex "marriage" is a right guaranteed by
the U.S. Constitution, was funded (at least in some small part) by
"f-bombs" on the web.

But what is really shocking about the video is this: three of its
participants are children. Not teenagers-young, pre-adolescent
children. One is a boy who appears to be about six years old. Another is
a girl who looks to be perhaps nine. The third is a girl who is perhaps
eleven. And yes-the children drop the "f-bomb" too.

Is this supposed to be funny? It's not. It's child abuse.

Two of the children make specific reference to their "gay" parents.
I don't know if this is true, or if they are just young actors reading
a script.

But either way-can they really believe that swearing children are a
good tool to expand support for their cause? Are we to understand that
this would be the brave new world under "gay" parenting and same-sex
"marriage"-a world in which parents teach obscenities to their
children, then put videos of them using those obscenities on the web to
raise money?

If so-God help us. And God save the children.

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