Sunday, December 12, 2010

SSA Men -- Learn how to be yourself in the presence of other men!



 Ten Reasons to join the next

Teleconferencing Class (TCC)


Reason #6

Learn how to be yourself in the presence of other men!


Many men who experience same-sex attraction (SSA) often feel uncomfortable with other guys--intimidated, nervous, and/or frightened. Of course this originates from past experiences with other boys/men while growing up. Problem is, these past experiences continue to prevent successful relationships in the present.


Let us help you breakthrough to create wonderful and warm relationships with other men. We can show you how! We have proven strategies that will help you learn to feel comfortable and safe in the presence of other guys. In our Teleconferencing Class Group, you will grow, learn, and heal into the powerful man that you were meant to be!


IHF is now enrolling participants for our next TCC,

call or e-mail us today to learn more and sign up!

 Ph: (301) 805-6111


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TCC Testimonial

This course has injected me with new life and new hope for the future.I highly recommend this program to anyone who struggles with unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA).It provides clear insights into the root causes of SSA and offers practical tools and techniques for continued healing.    --TCC participant 





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