Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our contemporary culture is inundated with sexual messages, sexual images, sexual behavior, and sexual license. But did you know that current scientific research validates the wisdom of Church teaching on human sexuality in reference to physical and emotional health? What does the Church really teach about sex? How do we discern appropriate moral sexual attitudes and behavior? To what extent have we become captives to the safe sex delusion? What is pornography's real effect on those who use it? And how is the cultural acceptance of the gay identity detrimental to all involved?




with Monica Breaux
The human person is magnificently created by God. And when he acts in accordance with the way he has been created, he experiences happiness, fulfillment, a sense of well-being, and joy. But, when he acts against his nature, he becomes enslaved to his passions, chained to his appetites, a prisoner of his own devise. No where is this more clearly seen than in the way man appropriates the gift of his sexuality. What are the consequences of recreational sex? How does it effect the human person in his body, his mind, his soul? What is its effect on true intimacy and love?
Catholic teaching on the human person presents us with the beautiful reality of the gift that is ours through our sexuality. This teaching stands in stark contrast to the cultural message on sex - a seductive message of sexual license that has lured many into its snare, with devastating consequences. How does an individual make his way through the landmine of sexual temptation rampant in our culture today?
Increasingly, we are receiving calls on our live radio program from parents, siblings or friends who have a loved one involved in the gay lifestyle. Their questions are inevitably the same. What can we do, they ask. Can we invite our loved one and his or her partner to our upcoming family event? What do we do if they want to share a room? Our loved one is going to marry his same sex partner. Can I attend the wedding? Today, our guest is going to share with us Church teaching and the pastoral direction given to us so we can fulfill our moral duty in responding to people who identify themselves as gay.






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