Sunday, January 30, 2011

Letter to editor

  Dear Editor,


" I feel like I don't know who I am."  Those allegedly were the words of Carlina White when she contacted the Nat'l Ctr for Missing Children in search of her bio parents. Her abduction and subequent upbringing by a stranger back in 1987  is, of course, extreme; but, sometimes extreme circumstances give us pause to consider certain realities.


    This case certainly bears witness to a child's need to know and be known by the man & woman who bring said child into the world. Even legally adopted children may experience a type of longing for their true origin. This is why there are databases to reconnect adopted children with their bio parents.


    Yet, what does our new Gov Cuomo propose but to codify same-sex "marriage" - along with a framework that can only ensure children will be denied an original, organic family. 


    Converging the White case with same-sex "marriage" seems disparate, but not so when considered from the child's vantage point.   




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