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Thank You to Arthur Goldberg



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Thank You to Arthur Goldberg

Author:  Yosef Eliyah

(Posted Dec. 2010)

Introduction:  The following E-mail was received in November, 2010, from an Israeli struggler who has been involved with several of JONAH's programs.  Yosef Eliyah wanted to share his admiration and appreciation for Arthur Goldberg, Co-Director of JONAH, who has helped him so much on his journey out of unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA). 

Shalom Arthur, 

You have no idea how much I admire you and how much you have helped me.  I wanted to state this affirmation to you, particularly given the irrational attempts of certain people to discredit you and JONAH. My personal experience with you and JONAH, I believe, directly refutes certain charges that these homosexual activists have made .   

I have experienced by FAR the greatest change in my self-image and feelings with regard to SSA than ever before, particularly since going to Journey into Manhood [JIM] with your help. (NOTE: JIM is a men's experiential weekend coordinated by .)  My SSA desires for sexual relations with another male have totally ceased for nearly a year now, and for the past 3 months I have had a significant increase in attraction towards females... a significant increase.  I rarely feel SSA for any man, and when I do find a man attractive, there is no desire for sexual relations, and though I already find only very few men attractive, there are even fewer from whom I might feel some longing to receive affection.  Even when this longing occurs, it is without desire for sexual relations, b"h! [blessed is G-d] 

I find WAY more girls attractive, even very attractive, than I have felt since I was 13!  All of this has been accomplished without any attempt at suppressing my feelings; My feelings of attraction have truly been transformed, and I'm only experiencing continued progression of it - without any attempt at repressing possible feelings of SSA.  To the contrary, sometimes when I try to stop thinking of girls or a particular girl, it is hard to stop.  I'm having to intentionally keep from looking at girls daily!  Only if every guy could feel the joy in this test of needing to turn your gaze away from a girl.  ShevaH l-El!  [may G-d be praised] 

I'm so grateful to G-d, and to you who have been His messenger on my journey.  Thank you so much :( ! That's a happy frown... Just means I have tears of gratefulness in my eyes. 

With love,

Yosef Eliyah




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