Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Recently, American actress Monique Coleman announced that her program “GimmeMo” will be on a global tour to find out the MO of the world’s youth. In 2010, Monique was selected to be the UN’s International Year of Youth, Youth Champion. Her project describes itself as an online project dedicated to empowering today’s youth. What does that mean? A visit to the show’s website tells the story.


Among topics like teen homelessness, drugs, sex, and body image, the project promotes homosexuality to 12 year olds with a video message from two homosexual men. In a brief article titled “I Am Who I Am…So Are You” the focus is on violence against homosexuals, and paints a picture of gay bashing leading to teen-suicide. In the video, Dan and Terry describe their path to homosexuality amidst stories of being “persecuted” by Catholics and being bullied at school. Dan implies that since he liked musicals he was obviously gay, and goes on to state that eventually things get better after getting gay bashed. He goes on to directly addressing the 12, 13, and 14 year olds watching the video, telling them that things get better after high school. They talk about how all they wanted was love, acceptance, and respect: indeed true things that every human person deserves and needs. He and Terry then talk about what they did after high school, and how they met.



Dan describes watching cute “gorgeous” boys dancing, and how they met through their mutual drag queen friend at a bar. They go even further by describing their first words to each other. Dan: “You [Terry] have a pretty mouth.” Terry: “All the better to eat you with.” Dan says: “It was love at first innuendo.” They go on to describe their 16 year relationship, their adopted son, and memories of Paris and snowboarding. What they don’t tell you is that their is a darker side to the homosexual movement. Statistics show that they are quite the exception amongst homosexuals, that homosexual sex is a high risk act for HIV infection according to the CDC, that violence among homosexuals is prevalent, that according to a Bell and Weinberg study 43% of white male homosexuals had sex with over 500 partners, and that the majority of homosexual relationships are more likely to fail than those of heterosexual couples.


These facts seem to be the more likely culprit of the high rate of suicide by teens who call themselves homosexuals, yet GimmeMo gives us no such information about homosexual relationships. Just snowboarding and strolling through Paris at dawn.


Although there is a genuine need to promote respect for all human persons, and to stop violence against people no matter what their actions may be, that genuine need to promote respect should not become the vehicle for a political movement that covers up the dark realities of their lifestyle, and which actively seeks to stop the freedom of opinion of those opposed to their views.

The United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) press release describes GimmeMO as a “safe conversation on important issues confronting young people and provides much needed positive information and content.”

The article and video can be found


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