Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hopelessness leads to suicide


Letter to the Editor

The Washington Post’s editorial, Homophobia in New York, 10-/12/10, ignores the medical profession’s acknowledgement of “self-determination” of one’s sexual orientation.

When I had homosexual feelings, I made a choice to change from homosexuality to heterosexuality. Thousands of others have chosen to do the same and the choice does not represent ignorance or intolerance. While changing “at will” may not be the right terminology, it certainly takes a strong will and desire for one to change. 

When I heard of the brutal murders in the Bronx, I too was horrified. But those terrible acts were not anti-gay, but anti-human. They are not the result of “hurtful slurs” against gays, but a breakdown of moral values in our country. If our society adhered to the Golden Rule as it once did, this kind of violence would not happen. Every year, hundreds of women are brutally raped and murdered by out-of-control thugs such as these - the gay agenda does not speak out against this sexual violence.

It is also concerning that many in the gay community immediately concluded that the New Jersey college student who was filmed in a homosexual act, and later exposed on the internet, was “bullied to death.” People commit suicide because their circumstances seem hopeless. Perhaps if someone had educated this student that people can change and aren’t born gay, he could have chosen another path filled with hope instead of despair.

These are not sexual rights issues –they are human rights issues. Dignity, education, and truth have nothing to do with sexual politics. 


Christopher Doyle

Board of Directors

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX)


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