Thursday, February 3, 2011

Press Release - Residents Fighting Discrimination Ordinances

Philadelphia Metro Task Force



Southeastern Pennsylvania Morality Group Serves Objection and Demand for Investigation 

Monday, January 31, 2011    8:00 AM (EST)
Contact : Press office | 610-688-9471 |


    Philadelphia Metro Task Force has requested an inquiry by Committees of the Pennsylvania Senate,  Committees of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, the State Ethics Commission, the Attorney General, and other State Agencies and Commissions, to investigate activities by state officials, in promoting of local ordinances favorable to homosexuals and other groups, defined by their sexual practices. 

     PMTF has asked for a stopping of the outright acts and public persona of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commissioner and other elected representatives in using state time and money to promote special interest legislation based on sexual practices, rather than upholding the laws' intent to assist groups that might be biased against due to immutable characteristics ; in doing so, despite the fact that the Human Relations Act and Regulations do not include any prerogative for creating new classes beyond race and the traditional protected classes ; in therefore depriving far more numerous a bloc, namely, religious citizens who wish to exercise moral conscience, of their basic rights ; and in partaking in an agenda that is directed at youth and pre-teen youth, with private and out of state activist funding, despite the misgivings about this approach held by the great majority of Pennsylvania citizens.


     PMTF claims that these activities are: 

 -  working against the constitution,

 -  working against religious citizens and rights of conscience,

 -  openly trying to cause immoral amendment to the law that officials  swore to uphold,
 -  a misusing of office, for time-consuming, special interest projects, 
 -  a disobeying, and causing local governments to disobey, the Religious Freedom Protection Act, which upholds Pennsylvanians' indefeasible, uncorruptable rights to religious conscience, as individual citizens and as firms, clubs, congregartions, and all other associations.  

 -  and thus encouraging lack of public trust and lack of faith in government. 

    PMTF's demand opposes the haste with which these municipal ordinances are being pressed upon local leaders, and opposes the out-of-state money pouring into the various any-sex activist groups that busy themselves with recruiting students, making converts, attending township meetings, etc.


    A PMTF spokesman stated: " Our Human Rights Commissioner and a Senator have stated that the only effect of these ordinances is to persuade Harrisburg to pass a statewide ordinance.  How dare they seek to base a State law on township meetings, where their activists crowd the room and demand a bill, and the local residents stay at home.  How dare they put taxpayer-paid time and resources into this project - what about the elderly and people discrimated against based on skin color ? "

   Philadelphia Metro Task Force is a local group that supports family values in government and the community.   PMTF is focused on the uplifting of values of common sense decency and morality, and the bringing of family values to their former stature, in the Philadelphia region's communities.  PMTF believes that God's plan for mankind has as a basic goal, marriage and loyalty, respect for His law and our neighbors' decency, and thus the moral betterment of society. 


Philadelphia Metro Task Force




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