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Apple Computer Co. Discriminating Against Ex-Gays

March 27, 2010
Apple Computer Co. Discriminating Against Ex-Gays

Christopher Doyle
Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX)

Apple to Oranges: You Don't Taste the Same as Other Fruit,
You Must Leave Our Market

Washington, D.C. -- March 28, 2011/Caving to anti-ex-gay activists, computer giant Apple recently pulled a Christian ex-gay ministry's iPhone application from its market, claiming it was offensive to some homosexuals. Apple's guidelines detail how the company decides what can and cannot be sold through its store:  applications that are "defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited, or likely to place the targeted individual or group in harm's way will be rejected," the company states. In less than a month on the market, the ex-gay app was downloaded by nearly 16,000 individuals, which initially received a 4+ rating, meaning it contains no objectionable content.

"Apparently Apple is afraid of real diversity and tolerance," said Christopher Doyle, former homosexual and PFOX board member. "Individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction deserve support from the same technology that gays benefit from - why are  ex-gays being singled out for blatant sexual orientation discrimination?  If Apple is dropping its ex-gay apps, it must also drop its gay apps."

Apple's decision to discriminate against the ex-gay community by citing its own guidelines is questionable, especially considering there are over 200 apps serving the gay community, one of which is called 'Grindr (Gay, bi, & curious guy finder of the same sex)' and uses GPS to locate casual sex partners for men who have sex with men (MSM). According to the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention (CDC), over 53% of new HIV infections in the United States occur among MSM.

"It's hypocritical of Apple to claim that an ex-gay organization is violating their guidelines while supporting applications that deliberately put gay men in harm's way by encouraging casual, anonymous sex," said Doyle.  According to iTunes, 'Grinder' has over 1.5 million users in 180 countries. 

"It's time for Apple and other companies to stand up to anti-ex-gay bullies who seek to silence all other viewpoints on same-sex attraction - former homosexuals deserve the same respect, tolerance, and rights that gays enjoy. Apple is denying the fundamental American right of freedom of expression," said Doyle.

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