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Elementary school admits fighting parents' values


March 27, 2011

MassResistance Update

Pro-family activism

"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell

1. More from Maryland: Radical "transgender" bill being rushed through Legislature. Many pro-family forces caving in but MassResistance helping the fight.

2. On sex issues in elementary school: "Goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents values," says school administrator!

3. Unbelievable: US Marines preparing to indoctrinate soldiers to accept homosexuality.

4. Updates . . .

1. More from Maryland: Radical "transgender" bill being rushed through Legislature. Many pro-family forces caving in but MassResistance helping the fight.

A radical Transgender Rights bill passed the Maryland House Saturday afternoon and is being rushed to the Senate. Supporters want to get it made into law by April 11, the last day of Maryland's legislative session.

MassResistance had been working for over a week with key activists in Maryland who had attempted to stop it in the House. The bill goes to the Senate on Monday.

Bill #235 (edited with recent minor amendments), appears to be patterned after recent versions of the transgender bill attempted in Massachusetts, although not as far-reaching.

Coming to Maryland? These are MEN with enhanced breasts and women with facial hair marching in transgender rights parade in Massachusetts.

What Bill #235 does

The Maryland bill uses the force of law to impose cross-dressing, transgenderism, and a range of related behaviors and affectations into society against the will of citizens with traditional values or religious beliefs.

  • It requires all Maryland employers including government agencies to hire, promote, and include cross-dressers in every part of the workplace without discrimination. Business owners will be helpless - under threat of lawsuit or punishment - not to have men in dresses waiting on customers, etc.
  • It also extends to public schools and even day-care centers, which will legally be unable to turn away cross-dressers and "transgenders" from teaching or working with children.
  • It will require transgenderism, cross-dressing, and related behaviors to be considered legally normal. Thus, activists can compel schools to have transgender assemblies and similar activities including library books promoting transgenderism. This will also lead to transgender diversity training in businesses.
  • All real estate transactions are covered -- people have no choice when renting or selling units or homes.
  • Since transgender employees may not be discriminated against in the workplace, they cannot be restricted to using male or female restrooms in stores, restaurants, bars, schools, day care facilities, or other places of employment.
  • Employers may not require a genetic test to determine the actual sex of an employee or applicant.
  • The bill defines "gender identity" as "a gender-related identity or appearance of an individual regardless of the individual's assigned sex at birth." This opens the door to a wide range of behaviors and interpretations by activists. This definition also clearly denies biological reality.

It is essentially a state-sponsored war against traditional religious belief. Or to put it another way: It's madness. These people seem to be in some parallel universe.

But more important, this bill completely ignores the fact that the medical community considers "gender identity disorder" a mental illness. It ignores the fact that attempting to change one's sex is biologically impossible. And it ignores widespread medical observations that using mutilation, surgery, hormone treatments, etc., to try to change one's sex generally leads to worse psychological problems for the individual, including suicide attempts. (Several years ago Johns Hopkins University stopped performing "transgender" operations for those reasons.)

Maryland's pro-family movement on the sidelines

The homosexual lobby is fighting fiercely to get this bill through by the April 11 deadline. And they are cruising through.

The huge success in the anti-gay marriage fight earlier this month showed the potential of the pro-family movement to mobilize and win. But in this fight, Maryland's pro-family movement has almost completely faded away. Why are they afraid to engage this issue?

To our knowledge, none of the churches have gotten involved. One pro-family group sent out an email before the vote, but except for that they were pretty much on the sidelines. The National Organization for Marriage and the Republican Party are nowhere to be seen.

Even worse, there is virtually no leadership among the legislators to defeat this bill. Delegate Don Dwyer, who was the hero of the marriage fight, appears not to be engaged in this at all and seems to have little interest in even talking to pro-family activists about it.

There were several defections. Nearly 20 House members who had opposed the "gay marriage" bill voted for the transgender bill. It passed 86 to 52.

Two women carrying pro-family load (with some help from MassResistance)

Unbelievable as it sounds, it was basically only two pro-family women connected with Citizens for Responsible Government (based in Montgomery County, MD) who worked and lobbied tirelessly since the beginning of last week to stop the bill. They lobbied hard before the House committee, and continued when it went to the full House on Friday. A few others helped with emailing, etc., but it was mostly just the two They were at the State House almost every day going office to office, talking with Delegates to educate them about this bill, making phone calls, and doing anything else they could think of. They even passed out flyers to the Delegates as they went into Saturday's House session to vote.

MassResistance was on the phone with them almost every day helping to strategize. We also supplied them with information including flyers in schools and other material about what would happen once this bill passes. But they were up against the Maryland homosexual lobbying machine.

Transgender flyer passed out in Massachusetts public schools

On to the Senate . . .

The Maryland Transgender Bill now goes to the Senate, first to a committee and then (if it passes there) to the full body. The Senate is considered more conservative and is smaller, thus strategically easier than the House to work with for our side. It's very possible to stop the bill there. But it's going to take more bodies than just a few people if this is to be won.

It should be clear, as our long experience shows, that legislators can never be "trusted" to do the right thing. In general, politicians are capable of believing (and not questioning) the most outrageous lies and propaganda, and they tend to avoid taking a bold stand -- unless forced to by pressure from constituents.

This bill will eventually change the lives of people in ways we can't even predict. For example: Every Senator should watch this video of huge cross-dressing men using a women's restroom at a transgender sex-change conference (at the Peabody, Mass. Marriott Hotel in January 2009.

Let's hope that the pro-family movement there wakes up over the next few days.

2. On sex issues in elementary school: "Goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents values," says school administrator!

"The goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents' values. By middle school it's too late."
    -- Elementary school administrator in Massachusetts

We've been saying it for a while: The sexuality agenda is now in the elementary schools, and it's worse than you can imagine.

Although the Boston Herald generally supports the Planned Parenthood / sex-ed / gay agenda in the schools, they occasionally allow an opposing op-ed. This one was published this past Thursday.

Here's a glimpse of what most parents don't have a clue is happening:

Sex ed wrong rite of spring
By Jennifer C. Braceras
Boston Herald, Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pay attention parents! It's spring. And before you know it, Massachusetts public schools will begin their yearly sex-ed lessons for kids as young as 5.

Of course, they won't call it "sex ed." They'll call it "health." But a rose by any other name is still a rose.

Several years ago, my first-born came home from kindergarten with a notice about an upcoming anatomy lesson and a list of words that included not only penis and vagina, but also scrotum and vulva! She presented me with the list and a parental consent form, which I was tempted not to sign.

Friends with older children assured me, however, that the lessons would go right over the kids' heads and that it would be more damaging to my daughter to pull her out of the lesson. OK, I thought, maybe I am overreacting. So I let it go.

My daughter never mentioned a thing about the lesson or ever used the words she had learned.

Phew, I thought. Bullet dodged.

Then came daughter No. 2. Not only did she come home and repeat the words over and over again, she used them in the most inappropriate places - like at Logan Airport, when on our way to Colonial Williamsburg she shouted, "Look, Mom! I think I see the plane to VAGINA!"

But that was only the beginning.

One spring, when my oldest was in third grade, she came home with a notice that the class would soon study HIV. The educational relevance was lost on me. What, I wondered, is the purpose of teaching 8-year-olds, many of whom still believe in Santa Claus, about a deadly, sexually transmitted disease?

When I inquired, school administrators politely informed me that the HIV lessons contained no references to sex. I was relieved, yet confused.

"Since HIV is primarily sexually transmitted," I asked, "how can you possibly teach the subject and ignore the elephant in the room?"

The teacher explained: "Children need to know that this is out there, and that you can get it from other people's blood. We teach them to be careful around blood and to have compassion for people with HIV. We focus on HIV as a status."

A status? As in race or gender? It seemed a stretch.

Clearly, this lesson was bound to raise more questions than it would answer and had the potential to confuse, even scare. (Would kids now become terrified over a classmate's paper cut or bloody nose?)

So, rather than expose my child to some half-truth in the name of political correctness, or a sex-ed lesson she was not yet ready to learn, I pulled her out.

Throughout the HIV unit, the teacher sent my daughter to the library to read her book. True to form, she never asked why. Another bullet dodged.

But, as you might have guessed, child No. 2 was not so easily distracted.

"Mom, everyone says we are learning about HIV tomorrow. What's HIV, and how come you don't want me to hear about it?" Thanks, public schools, for opening up that can of worms!

I can only hope that by the time my last two kids reach the third grade our town will have dispensed with this nonsense. But that is unlikely.

Indeed, when specifically asked why the school presents lessons on HIV in the third grade, rather than in middle school, one school administrator made this shocking admission:

"The goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents' values. By middle school it's too late."

Article on Herald web site

It's actually gotten worse than this in Massachusetts. The transgender agenda has reached some Massachusetts elementary schools. And the David Parker case was about homosexuality being taught to kids in kindergarten in Lexington, Mass.

The radicals running the public schools see your kids as their social experiments. Watch out.

Luckily, the David Parker Parents Rights bill which filed this year in Massachusetts will protect parents. More coming up on how you can help get that passed.)

3. Unbelievable: US Marines preparing to indoctrinate soldiers to accept homosexuality.

Every commander executing a plan that he considers bad or disastrous is criminal. He must point out the flaws, insist that it be changed and at last resort resign rather than be the instrument of the destruction of his own men.
     -- Napoleon

Even we didn't think that the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT) would lead to anything like this so quickly.

How can even the US Marines be fully on board? Many of you may have seen this recent official announcement video by the Marine Corps on how they intend to do their best to integrate homosexuality into their units.

VIDEO: US Marine Corps official video with commanders announcing their cooperation with plans to integrate homosexuality within their units.

(NOTE in the video above they talk about the Marines' loyalties--Country, Constitution, Congress, commander-in-chief, etc.--they don't list God anymore. All in all, it's a pretty pathetic and embarrassing set of excuses.)

VIDEO: As expected, this has also spawned numerous "gay marine" parodies across the Internet . .

But ultimately, it's not a humorous situation.

Washington Times reports US Marines starting 'gay' training

The Marines' homosexual "training" indoctrination is starting to happen in earnest. Here's what the Washington Times recently reported in an article titled "Military indoctrinated on gays kissing, behavior":

The Marine Corps, which a Pentagon survey found holds deep opposition to lifting the ban, plans to publicly release its training material April 1. A Marine source provided copies to The Washington Times.

The vignette about seeing two male Marines kissing is part of a list of scenarios to help instructors prepare commanders for incidents likely to arise.

"Situation," it begins. "You are the Executive Officer of your unit. While shopping at the local mall over the weekend, you observe two junior male Marines in appropriate civilian attire assigned to your unit kissing and hugging in the food court.

"Issue: Standards of Conduct. Is this within standards of personal and professional conduct?"

The answer to Marines: "If the observed behavior crosses acceptable boundaries as defined in the standards of conduct for your unit and the Marine Corps, then an appropriate correction should be made. Your assessment should be made without regard to sexual orientation." . . .

In another scenario outlined in the Marine material, a lesbian Marine approaches her platoon sergeant and states "she can no longer tolerate her heterosexual roommate."

The answer: "The Platoon Sergeant must take a very active and positive leadership approach with a focus on conflict resolution and professional obligations to uphold the policy."

A separate training guide answers 23 frequently asked questions, such as "is consensual sodomy still a punishable offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice?"

Answer: "The U.S. Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces found that private, consensual sexual activity, to include consensual sodomy, regardless of sexual orientation, is a protected liberty under the Fourteenth Amendment."

And this is just the beginning . . .

It's truly mind-numbing watching the commanders of America's armed forces cave in to an immediate and thorough large-scale indoctrination into the destructive tentacles of homosexuality. It's hard to figure out whether they actually believe this, or they're selling their souls. In the end it doesn't matter. They are helping destroy the US military as we know it.

What do you suppose Napoleon (or General Patton) would say about all this?







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