Friday, March 25, 2011


First the definition of marriage in Maryland was in jeopardy, now the definition of "male" and "female" are being threatened.  Maryland HB 235 would allow persons to define their own gender, and then sue for discrimination if you don't consent.  This redefinition of gender will also be taught in our Maryland schools, just as it is being already being taught in Massachusetts.


Please call your state legislators today.  Tell them NO to HB 235.



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Dear Friends of the Family,

Your calls and emails stopped the redefinition of Marriage in Maryland!!!  But now special interests want to make you redefine Gender through House Bill 235 (HB235).  
It is urgent that you act now to help us stop the bill.


ACT NOW: Call Chairman Hammen at 301-970-5000 and state that you are against HB 235.   Then email and call your own legislators.  Click here to locate them. If you can, contact all 23 Health and Government Operations Committee committee members. Click here for a listing.  Click here for the subcommittee reviewing the bill.


Due to the recent loss to redefine marriage, Maryland legislators are leaning towards allowing special interests groups to sell this idea and pass this legislation.  Consequently the bill is undergoing multiple amendments and several items are being promised. These bills create radical reverse discrimination against all who simply want to recognize gender and stick with common sense. The legislators need to hear your voice! Simply contact them and tell them that you do not support HB235. These bills are bad news. Click here for more talking points. 


The subcommittee may vote on Friday, and was delayed today due to having no defition for "transgender". If it passes the house it will probably go to the Senate next week.  Please contact all of your legislators, please forward this email, and keep emailing and calling!!  


Together We Can Make a Difference,

Maryland Family Council

A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him
than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell.

C. S. Lewis




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