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Washington DC Council Wants Notaries to Perform Marriages


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March 30, 2011

Programs and Events

Forum Held on Sex; What They Don't Tell You. Why Wait for Marriage?
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Believing that youth should know how important it is to abstain from sex before marriage, ULTRA Teen Choice held a forum Monday night at Mt. Bethel Baptist Church entitled “Sex; What They Don’t Tell You. Why Wait for Marriage?” as part of Abstinence Awareness Week, March 6 to March 12.

They don’t tell you that 1 in 16 teen girls 15 to 19 years old gets pregnant each year in DC, said guest speaker Tara White, author of “Don’t Curse Your Wedding Bed Before You Say I Do,” who is now on a mission to help singles understand the value of abstinence.

I’m happy to talk about the benefits of waiting for marriage, she said, pointing out that abstinence is the only sure prevention, one of the advantages. Forty-two percent of DC high school students have never had sex, she reported.

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From left: Vernial Batts, Jose Ferette, Richard Urban, Derrick Cuffie, Alicia Taylor, Teresa Sule, Erica Smith
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Legislation and Governance

DC Council At-Large Candidates Support Abstinence-centered Sex Ed

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From L. Tom Brown, Bryan Weaver, Alan Page

Tom Brown, Alan Page and Bryan Weaver attended the DC Council At-Large Candidates forum hosted by ULTRA Teen Choice on March 10, 2011. Tom Brown and Bryan Weaver indicated that abstinence centered sex education should be an available option for DC public school youth. Mr. Brown said that it is a travesty that the District government spends no money to promote sexual abstinence as an HIV prevention method. The forum was moderated by Robert Brannum. You can find the candidates answers to the ULTRA Teen Choice Candidate Questionnaire at the ULTRA Teen Choice websit(Click here for candidate information. We will also be posting video of the candidates answers to questions
on HIV prevention, school vouchers, and other issues, as well as an analysis of all candidates positions on abstinence education, HIV prevention, same sex marriage, and other health issues.

There are eight candidates vying for the seat vacated by newly elected Council Chair Kwame Brown, and currently held by appointed councilman Sekou Biddle (who did not attend this forum). The candidates not attending were Sekou Biddle, Dorothy Douglas, Arkan Haile, Joshua Lopez, Patrick Mara and Vincent Orange.

Same Sex Marriage Defeated in Maryland

After a concerted lobbying campaign, the bill to legalize same sex marriage in Maryland was pulled from the legislative agenda after failing to muster enough votes to pass. Legislators received hundreds of calls, plus visits from concerned citizens who did not support same sex marriage. Legislators, such as Prince Georges county house of delegates representative Tiffany Alston, said that calls were running seven to one against same sex marriage.

Although Miss Alston was a co-sponsor of the legislation, she voted against it because her constituents did not want it.

Voters' knowledge about how their children would be subjected to indoctrination about how same sex marriage is "normal" also played an important role, as citizens and legislators were informed of the inappropriate nature of materials given to school youth in Massachusetts and other states where same sex marriage has been legalized.

Legislation to allow Notaries to perform marriages introduced By the DC Council

On March 1 the District of Columbia Council introduced legislation to allow notaries to perform marriages in Washington DC. this is a bad idea. first we have same sex marriage, and now notaries! Not! This bill is a way to encourage more same sex "marriages", thereby further weakening the moral and legal standing of marriage between a man and a woman. The solemnity, joy and incredible meaning of a marriage ceremony will be discarded in favor of a

Read the Washington Times article: Click here

Read the bill: Click here

Here is a commentary I wrote about the bill: Click Here

Use the ULTRA Teen Choice email tool to email all councilmembers and key staff: Click here to go to the email tool:

and call your concilmember and tell them that you do not want marriages to be performed by notaries:

Click here for the names and phone numbers of all councilmembers:


Abstinence Awareness Essay Contest for High School Youth deadline is April 1

The Women's Federation for World Peace is Sponsoring an Essay Contest for High School Youth, with a top prize of $500, second prize of $300, and third prize of$150.
Don't miss out on these great prizes. Click here and scroll down to "WFWP Essay Contest for more information and the registration form.

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News & Commentary
Sex Study: More Teens, young adults are virgins
Nobody gets married any more, mister
Churches influence same sex marriage vote in Maryland



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The War on Intimacy

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Why are condoms promoted so heavily in some curricula, and abstinence ignored.
Find out the answer to these questions and much more by purchasing your copy of The War on Intimacy.
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