Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's now or never!



Breaking News: Email Now-Call Monday!

Maryland transgender bill HB235  passed out of the Maryland Senate committee around 1PM on Saturday with a 7 to 4 vote in favor of the bill.  Equality Maryland is asking their members to help them send 2000 emails in favor of the bill.  We know that they are sending their second and third emails SO LETS SEND MORE THAN THEY DO!!! 


The Monday Maryland legislative session begins at 10AM and ends Sine Die at midnight. The schedule to pass this bill is tight.  Any delay will be helpful.  


Because the bill’s definition of gender identity was amended, votes will be required in the House and the Senate.  We are still waiting for the final language of the amendment, but we know that it will redefine gender and society.   Contacting legislators in each house is appropriate. 


Please call on Monday

301-858-3700 or 410-841-3700,  to the President of the Senate, Senator Thomas V. Mike Miller and ask him to stop this bill.     



Click here TO SEND easy action email NOW to your legislators! 


Click here to learn how this bill punishes Marylanders.

Click here to learn how this bill punishes Maryland Employers.

Click here & here to see how this bill generates lawsuits  

Call your legislator today at 1410-841-3000 or 1 301-970-5000


We believe that it is ok for individuals to live as they choose but not to redefine gender for the rest of us.  Please contact all of your legislators and please forward this email and keep emailing and calling.  

Cick here to locate and email your own legislators.



Gender Identity Disorder is a mental illess.   HB 235 is billed as a Gender Identity Non discrimination bill but is actually a punitive "viewpoint discrimination" bill.  This bill would  

·                     Force you to lie (about gender) in order to not be considered a bigot

  • Affect Workplace bathrooms, lockers and showers on the basis of "nondiscrimination."  

·                     Equate Gender Identity with appearance

·                     Allow transgender teachers for any age student including pre-school and kindergarten. 

·                     Radically change societal norms and society


Click here for a list of exemptions that Governor O'Malley supported when he was Mayor of Baltimore and which were included in that city's Gender Identity law.  Assuming that the legislators agree that it would be wrong "to force Marylanders to deny reality," an infinite number of disclaimers would have to be placed in the proposed state Gender Identity Bill in order to secure the rights of individuals to simply be honest in their everyday lives.


These disclaimers would be absolutely necessary in order to protect Maryland constituents from viewpoint discrimination imposed by their own Government and would have to include items such as "it is not discriminatory for individuals to 

  • Use pronouns reflecting birth sex."  
  • Suggest that life would be better for such individuals if they didn't transition and break up their own family." 
  • State that taking hormones unnecessarily is dangerous and surgery can have complications."
  • Etc. etc."   


 The bill is flawed and uncorrectable because in America no one should be allowed to force "their definition of reality" on others.  And at present, because of the power of special interests, we doubt that any disclaimers (protections for you) will be allowed in the bill. 


P.S.  ALL THE SENATORS:  Send emails as blind copies (BCC);; ;;;;;;; ;;; ;;;;;; ;;; thomas.mclain.middleton@;;;;; ;;;; ;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;



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