Thursday, May 26, 2011

Author Christopher Yuan on Journeying Out of Homosexuality


Citizenlink had a moving interview with author and minister Christopher
Yuan, who discusses how Jesus saved him and thus freed him from
homosexuality. Here is the link below:

Also here is an excerpt from the interview:

[3. How long before God started tugging on your heart?

It was actually several years. My mom and dad kept praying for me. I
unfortunately got involved in selling drugs while I was in dental school and
was expelled just three months before I should have received my dental
doctorate. All this time, my parents were trying to share the love of Christ
with me.

I moved to Atlanta in '96. In my mind, I was invincible. I had become larger
than life and had become god. I had everything the world could
offer: the money, the fame, the drugs, the sex. And I thought I was happy.
Eventually, it caught up with me. I was arrested, and it was in jail that I
found all my friends who I thought would never desert me did desert me. And
the only people left were my parents. They were the only ones that came to
visit me.

I found a Bible in a garbage can and started reading - not thinking that
this would change my life, that this was the Word of God. But I had tons of
time on my hands, so I kept reading. And the Bible convicted me and
challenged my rebellion.

Because I was so hard-headed and my heart was so hardened, it took a long
time for me to let God in and for me to let go of all my idols and my
dependencies. So that first year of prison, God was prying my hands off the
things that I was holding so close. Drugs was the first thing. The last
thing was my sexuality. I felt like I could not let go, because that was the
core part of who I was. I had put my entire identity in my sexuality. I
asked myself who am I apart from sexuality. I didn't really have an answer
and that did concern me.
Fortunately, the Holy Spirit was in me to bring me to that realization.]

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