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May 4: Free "Journey Into Manhood" Preview Call



Reminder: Wednesday Evening May 4

Journey Into Manhood

Preview Call

8:30 pm U.S. Eastern time


Find Out: Is Journey Into Manhood Right for You?


To RSVP and receive the confidential call-in number,

email rich@peoplecanchange.com or call 1-434-985-8551



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Journey Into Manhood


May 20 to 22, 2011

Southern Indiana


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What Is Journey Into Manhood?


Journey Into Manhood is a 48-hour immersion in cathartic self-discovery and emotional-healing work for men who are self-motivated and serious about resolving JiM photo, upliftunwanted homosexual attractions.  It is designed specifically for men who believe that their homosexual attractions are not "inborn" but stem largely from unhealed emotional wounds and unmet needs.


Journey Into Manhood is an experiential-learning weekend. We create opportunities for you to experience healing, not just learn about it.  


All of the exercises are designed to help you identify and process the underlying issues that may be alienating you from your authentic heterosexual masculinity - and, ideally, to help you experience a deep emotional breakthrough. 


Each weekend is peer-led by about 20 staff volunteers, including men who have resolved homosexuality themselves.


What Does The Fee Cover?


The cost is US$650, which covers:


  • the complete program (25 hours of training and experiential "processing")
  • take-home materials (handouts and audio CD summarizing key teachings)
  • two nights lodging at the camp/retreat center
  • six meals
  • four weekly follow-up coaching group calls to help you further process and integrate your experience in the following weeks
  • and, if you are married, one free group coaching call for your wife while you are away at Journey Into Manhood. Led by the wife of a past participant, the call will help your wife better understand your experience, anticipate its potential impact, and process her feelings about what you are both going through.

BrothersWhat Happens After the Weekend?


After the weekend, you'll be invited to participate in four weekly follow-up coaching group calls to help you further process and integrate your experience in the following weeks.

You'll also be invited to participate in email groups and periodic in-person reunions (and, in some areas, ongoing in-person support groups).


You'll belong to a growing international brotherhood of men who have experienced this powerful program and who support and encourage each other in living its principles as they journey together out of unwanted same-sex attractions. 


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 Journey Into Manhood 

right for you?


Call in to a free

"virtual open house"

by tele-conference


Wednesday, May 4,

8:30 pm Eastern time


(7:30 pm Central, 6:30 pm Mountain, 5:30 pm Pacific and Arizona)


Q&A with past Journey Into Manhood participants

and the JiM co-founder

Friends, spouses, parents and counselors are welcome to listen in.


To RSVP for the call and receive the confidential call-in number, contact rich@peoplecanchange.com or call 1-434-985-8551



Journey Into Manhood Weekend by People Can Change (www.peoplecanchange.com)

Journey Into Manhood Weekend by People Can Change (www.peoplecanchange.com)

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PCC Calendar


Journey Into Manhood


May 20-22, 2011: Indiana


Jul 29-31, 2011: California


September 23-25, 2011: Utah


Oct 28-30, 2011: Texas


Dec. 2-4, 2011: Florida


Feb. 3-5, 2012: England


A Wife's Healing Journey
June 10-12, 2011: California


Journey Together Coaching Tele-Group
 Thursday Evenings


Especially for Wives Coaching Tele-Group

 Sunday Evenings




Paul: "Journey Into Manhood was the most healing, affirming, loving experience of my life. The experiences and lessons learned during this weekend will become a cornerstone in the foundation of my masculinity and manhood."

M.D.: "I strongly recommend JiM for any man who is serious about developing his own MANHOOD, no matter who this man is, a Christian or a Jew, European or Latin American, or what he thinks of himself. If he has unwanted SSA feelings and has the powerful desire to deal with them, JiM will be one of the best tools to overcome these feelings."

B.Y: "What I found at the weekend was a deep respect and care for me as a person like I had never experienced before. I have never felt so free to be truly, authentically me. I was invited to look deep inside myself and find the masculinity inside myself. I left the weekend feeling more alive, solid, masculine and free than I'd ever felt before. It was a turning point in my life."


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