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Ask Columbus Children's Hospital to put ex-gay flyers on their bulletin board!

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Linda Harvey's book, Not My Child: Contemporary Paganism and the New Spirituality, highlights the explosion of casual paganism among our kids. Why are middle school girls casting spells they just downloaded from the Internet? Why are teens walking labyrinths, worshipping nature, or trying to contact the dead? And--why is this happening among kids who still call themselves Christians?

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Nationwide Children's Hospital Promotes Homosexuality

Linda Harvey
Mission America Report

I received some really troubling news last week. It seems that Children’s Hospital in Columbus –which is now called Nationwide Children’s – has a prominent display promoting homosexuality, under the so-called “gay” pride umbrella...

The heading talks about “inclusion, dignity and respect”—we’ll come back to that in a moment. The board features photos of homosexual couples and children under the heading, "We Are Family,” as well as a ” Gay Pride Month” poster. Another section shows a “Stop Bullying” emblem--again, implying inaccurately that approval of homosexuality by all is needed to prevent bullying--and the logo for the Dan Savage-headed “It Gets Better” organization, as well as referring people to three other groups with their web sites: Stonewall Columbus, the Human Rights Campaign, and the Kaleidoscope Youth Center, the community center that promotes homosexuality to kids (Logos shown in photo).

Why is a hospital entrusted with the best care for our children, referring people to the Human Rights Campaign, which calls people who support traditional one man/one woman marriage, “haters and bigots”? This is hardly inclusive nor respectful. It’s also inaccurate.

Then let’s get back to the unbelievable promotion of Kaleidoscope Youth Center. This is a “community based” center for kids who have been persuaded to explore homosexuality or cross-dressing, and it welcomes kids between the ages of 12 and 20! And parental notice or consent is not required, and in fact, Kaleidoscope is proud of its “confidentiality” if the child wants that, essentially preventing parents from knowing about a life-changing and harmful experience their child is about to have...

They say it’s “support” for kids who are being "who they were born to be," but no one is born homosexual nor born in the "wrong sex body." This is highly offensive, and an implicit endorsement of child corruption.

If you would like to let Children's know how you feel, here are some phone numbers...

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New York: Homosexual Marriage Approved by Senate

Katherine T. Phan, Christian Post

NEW YORK – The New York Senate voted 33 to 29 to pass the gay marriage bill Friday night. The bill passed after two undecided Republican senators switched their votes to "yes" in the final moments before the vote on the bill...

The bill's passage will make New York the sixth and most populous state in the nation to legalize gay marriage...

Before the vote, Democratic Sen. Ruben Diaz of Bronx explained his voting against the bill saying that, "God not Albany defined marriage a long time ago."

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Chicago Cubs go to bat for kids' homosexuality

Team video: 'Every person has the right to live safely, feel secure'
Bob Unruh,World Net Daily

The perennial also-ran Chicago Cubs have created a video encouraging homosexuality in kids, telling viewers, "The Chicago Cubs celebrate you for who you are, gay or straight."

The video features co-owner Laura Ricketts, a lesbian; manager Mike Quade; pitcher Ryan Dempster; first-base coach Bob Dernier; and players Marlon Byrd and Darwin Barney.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs are the second Major League Baseball team to jump on the bandwagon of a campaign called "It Gets Better," following the San Francisco Giants.

Peter LaBarbera, president of the ministry Americans for Truth, told WND the slogan may sound nice, but it "doesn't match the reality."

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