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Gay Activists Attack Michelle Bachmann. New SoL Book "Captain of My Soul"


New book, Captain of My Soul, by Aaron S. Grant Release date August 1, 2011

With a Foreword by Jeff Robinson, Ph.D. and an Afterword by A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D.

Tidal Wave Books, along with the Standard of Liberty, is pleased to announce the publication of a bravely revealed and important true story. Battle lines are drawn in an LDS setting as from a young man's own words we learn the reality of early experiences with peer abuse, same-sex internet pornography, a gay-affirming culture, and online associations with predatory men, conditions which can send developing masculinity and sexuality into confusion and addiction.

How is our secularized
and sexually permissive environment

                     shaping the lives of young people?
What role does each of us play in their increasing decisions to
turn to pornography and homosexuality?
Here is a riveting  
true life experience
that reveals stunning answers.

Snippets of what experts have to say about Captain of My Soul:

"The condition of same-sex identity is definitely treatable. Your book would be a great resource."
-W. Dean Belnap, M. D., Psychiatrist

"Here's a success story."
 -Douglas E. Brinley, Author, Brigham Young University Professor (ret.), Lecturer

"Aaron's story is not one of quiet desperation, but one of quiet celebration."
-A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D., MBA, MPH, University of Utah School of Medicine

"This is the clear account of love from a family and much greater love from Jesus Christ."
-Dr. Neil E. Whitehead, Ph.D., Author, My Genes Made Me Do It, A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation

Here is truth about
youth, pornography, and homosexuality
that is being overlooked, ignored, and silenced
by a complacent, conditioned,
and dangerously compromised culture.

    This is the story of a modern fall and a timeless redemption, with key roles played by a loving family, knowledge and education, gospel-based professional counseling, and unconquerable faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Captain of My Soul may be ordered on now for 12.95, free shipping. Also find Chased by an Elephant, the Gospel Truth about Today's Stampeding Sexuality for LDS families, Wild Elephantthe Gospel Truth about Today's Stampeding Sexuality for all Christian families, and Me, Tarzan, You Jane for the youngest children written for all Christian families, also at Tidal Wave Books, BYU Bookstore, through Barnes and Noble and

Michelle Bachmann Attacked by Gay Rights Groups

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We can learn a lot about gay activism by who they attack and why. Incredibly, some still openly deny the existence of a gay agenda, scoffing at the very idea. But of course there is a gay agenda. We see it playing out in our government, schools, entertainment media, and culture at large. 

One of the latest tactics in this agenda is attacking and misrepresenting presidential candidate Michelle Bachman because of her traditional, Biblical stance on human sexuality and her husband's occupation as a clinical therapist who helps people with unwanted homosexual tendencies orient to heterosexuality. Of course gay activists deny this is even possible, ignoring and mocking credible research that proves success for thousands of people.

Bear in mind that this is the group that screams for diversity, for tolerance and acceptance of alternative points of view,  at the same time screaming conformity, intolerance and hatred for those who hold beliefs opposite from theirs. This is the group that would deny an individual the right to approach Marcus Bachmann with the plea: I'm  miserable. I'm sick. I want out of this homosexual lifestyle. It doesn't feel right. Can you help me? I'm ready to change.  Why? Because if it's a choice, gayness, with all its political and cultural influence, is toast.

It's awfully convenient how the growing popular opinion, especially since the 1960s, is that human beings are able to change their minds on just about anything BUT sexuality.  

Let's pray Michelle and Marcus Bachmann hold their own.

SoL Subscriber Leaves Wells Fargo Over Support of Gay Activists

A few weeks ago SoL highlighted the activities associated with the Gay Pride celebration in Salt Lake City. We included a letter from one of our subscribers to Wells Fargo Bank, in which he expressed his disappointment with the bank for its support of the homosexual activist movement. This prompted other subscribers to take action as well. Below is a letter written by SoL husband/wife subscribers to the manager of  their local branch. Letters and phone calls are just two of the ways all of us can take a stand for our traditional, God-based values, and against the subversion of those values. We encourage you to consider what you can do. All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

Dear Mr. -----,


Thank you for taking the time to visit with us in regard to our concern over the recent participation of Wells Fargo in the Utah Pride Parade in Salt Lake City.  As we expressed, at the time, we were very disappointed that our bank would have an entry in a parade whose major, if not sole, purpose was to state their preference as to a sexual partner. 


We believe that every individual has the right to equal treatment, but when the most personal and intimate thing in life is paraded before others including some participants being dressed, or undressed, to the point that they would be arrested for indecent exposure in any other setting, it has gone too far.  (See links below.)


After considerable thought we have concluded that, after 34 years with Wells Fargo, we can no longer be one of your customers.  We are, therefore, phasing out our account with you and transferring to a bank that has community involvement in keeping with a higher standard.


We are sharing this e-mail with friends and family in hopes that, if they do banking with Wells Fargo, they will likewise take a stand for decency.




Yours truly,

Name withheld for privacy

-Standard of liberty
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