Friday, July 8, 2011

Look at example of ramification of gay marriage This is in the 8th grade!



Heterosexual marriage has always been legal, but that doesn't mean that sex between a man and a woman is allowed to be talked about in such a manner in the classroom!  


Aside from health or sex ex class, is it really appropriate to talk about sex in the classroom? As we see, gay marriage is not about marriage, it's about getting an agenda into the public...

Subject: Look at example of ramification of gay marriage This is in the 8th grade!

NY Same-Sex Marriage Law: "It Does Not Protect Our Children"

First, a little history: Massachusetts was the first state to legalize full-fledged same-sex marriage. Not long after it was legalized, National Public Radio (NPR) featured an interview with an eighth-grade teacher, Ms. Allen, who was exuberant about her new-found freedom to talk about homosexuality in the classroom.


"In my mind, I know that, 'OK, this is legal now.' If somebody wants to challenge me, I'll say, 'Give me a break. It's legal now,' " she told NPR.
The NPR reporter went on to explain that the teacher now discusses "gay sex" with students "thoroughly and explicitly with a chart."
Ms. Allen herself offered more details about exactly how she explains this chart to kids: "All right. So can a woman and a woman kiss and hug? Yes. Can a woman and a woman have vaginal intercourse?, and they will say no. And I'll say, 'Hold it. Of course, they can. They can use a sex toy. They could use'—and we talk—and we discuss that. So the answer there is yes." 




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