Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Support traditional marriage? 'You're dead'




Our political action committee Protect Marriage Washington has presented hundreds of pages of documented examples of threats and reprisals directed at supporters of traditional marriage, not only in Washington but across the country in our ongoing federal court case Doe #1 vs. Reed.

Larry Stickney, Executive Director

Larry Stickney

"The evidence includes death threats, extensive vandalism, overt threats of destruction of property, arson and threats of arson, intimidating emails and phone calls, hate mail, mailed envelopes containing white suspicious powder, blacklists, loss of employment and job opportunities, and gross expressions of anti-religious bigotry, including vandalism and threats directed at religious institutions and religious adherents-all for doing nothing more than standing up for traditional marriage."

For your information, here a a couple of links to some excellent articles regarding our case:

Support traditional marriage? 'You're dead'

Homosexual Bigots Commit Hate Crimes: WA Petition Signers

Larry Stickney, President
Washington Values Alliance

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Our mission at WAVA is to promote and reinforce the fundamental American principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise and limited government; to encourage respect for the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Washington; and to vigorously defend human life, the institution of marriage, religious freedom, and Judeo-Christian values.


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