Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ethics Commission Discriminates


Maryland Citizens for a Responsible Government

August 8, 2011

Montgomery County Ethics Commission Condones Harassment and Intimidation by County Employees

Transgender activist gets "special protection" while ordinary citizens have their testimony rejected.


The Montgomery County, Maryland Ethics Commission announced that it will not reconsider its controversial decision to exonerate transgender activist Dana Beyer of serious ethics violations, including harassment and intimidation against Maryland citizens. 


Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government (MCRG) filed an ethics complaint against Beyer, the special assistant for former Montgomery County Councilmember Duchy Trachtenberg, who sponsored the County's transgender law. Beyer is now working to extend the law statewide.

In its complaint, MCRG submitted evidence of Beyer's harassment against Marylanders who were trying to collect signatures on a petition to place the County's controversial "gender identity" law on the ballot so citizens could vote on the issue.

The Ethics Commission excluded testimonies and 911 emergency recordings by harassed citizens, as well as a video of Beyer falsely telling citizens that their petition signatures would be illegal. "The Commission refuses to explain why it will not hear all of the evidence," said Dr. Ruth Jacobs, MCRG President.

"Why are government employees like Beyer allowed to harass and intimidate the political activities of citizens without sanctions by the Ethics Commission?" said Jacobs."The ethics law states that 'a public employee must not intimidate, threaten, coerce or discriminate against any person for the purpose of interfering with that person's freedom to engage in political activity.' There is no excuse for County employees being allowed to harass and intimidate the political activities of citizens."

The Ethics Commission also refused to consider critical witness testimonies because it disagreed with the witnesses' pronoun usage. "The Ethics Commission's decision should be based on facts and law, yet the Commission rejected the otherwise consistent, corroborated testimony of our witnesses," said Jacobs. "Instead, they focused on our witnesses' use of pronouns."

Dr. Dana Beyer was born as Wayne Beyer and lived as a male throughout his youth, married a woman as an adult, and fathered two sons as Mr. Beyer. In his forties, Wayne Beyer decided to try to change his gender and changed his name to Dana. "Yet the Ethics Commission rejected key testimony of our witnesses simply because they used pronouns which reflected Beyer's own gender confusion," said Jacobs.

"Medical science tells us that attempts to camouflage gender with risky surgeries and hormones do not change gender and do not promote mental health," stated Dr. Jacobs. "A recent Swedish study has shown death and suicide rates to be higher in gender confused individuals who have tried to 'transition.'"

"We urge the Maryland legislature to vote against the statewide transgender bill that Beyer now wants to force on all of us," said Dr. Jacobs. "These dangerous and  un-American 'gender identity bills' infringe on free speech.  So called "protections" for gender confusion amount to radical discrimination against ordinary Americans, as shown by the Ethic Commissions' biased decision to rob Marylanders of their constitutional rights and protections.

Click here to view MCRG's request for reconsideration and the ethics complaint .

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