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Fear, Lies, and Petitions - The Gay Activist's New Anti-Petition Tactic




Expect this to become more common when gay activists can't win the hearts and minds of American voters.


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August 1, 2011

Fear, Lies, and Petitions

by Ron Prentice,
Chief Executive Officer

In politics, opposing sides often hide or misrepresent facts in order to present their positions more favorably. Graciously, that is called manipulation. But bald-faced lies are coming from a new ad airing on radio stations around the state.

In response to a few initiatives and a referendum now hitting the streets, an unknown “organization” -
Californians Against Identity Theft - is warning people to avoid signing any petitions.

A 60-second ad has the character of a husband
warning his wife against signing any petitions, as signature gatherers may be felons in search of private information. However, California has strict laws against the use of petition information for any other purposes, and names on petitions are not made public. Derek Cressman of government watchdog Common Cause said he was “hard pressed” to remember an instance where signatures have been used for identity theft.

Although it took some doing, it was discovered that the
State Building and Construction Trades Council of California - a labor union - is the registrant of the shadowy group’s Web site. However, the union’s president, Bob Balgenorth, immediately went into denial mode, saying the use of the union’s address for the Web site registration was a mistake, that he is not directly involved, and that he doesn’t “know who all the people are.”

Among the many initiatives now in circulation, one would extend the retirement age and limit to 60% union members’ retirement income. Another would make voluntary the percentage of union members’ dues used for political purposes. In addition, if passed by the people, the
StopSB48 referendum - mandating the introduction of alternative sexual lifestyles such as homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism into public education as early as kindergarten - would be rendered void.

The pro-homosexual
Equality California (EQCA) has announced its plans to launch a “decline to sign” campaign, asking people to refuse to sign the referendum. EQCA used the same tactics during their unsuccessful attempt to stop Proposition 8’s passage, by meeting shoppers in parking lots and pleading with them to ignore signature gatherers at the doors to retail stores, or creating interference to hinder interactions between those seeking signatures and patrons.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is also working to influence voters away from signing petitions, by placing “representatives” in the field to alert leadership when initiative proponents are spotted, so additional people can target those areas for interference.

Please forward this information to your network of family, friends and co-workers to alert them to the ploys of dishonesty and fear becoming commonplace in the battle of values and ideas.

For more information about initiatives in distribution, click
here. For information specific to decreasing special interest political power, click here.


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