Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Great new book "Captain of My Soul" in print NOW!


Captain of My Soul, by Aaron S. Grant Available NOW!

With a Foreword by Jeff Robinson, Ph.D. and an Afterword by A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D.

Reports from Readers:
This is an excellent book.
I couldn't put it down - I kept reading and reading and reading.
This book should be in the home of every family.
I read it in one sitting!
As a college professor, I have students who struggle with this problem. This book offers hope. It's disheartening, all the false information being put out. The truth needs to be told.

Tidal Wave Books, along with the Standard of Liberty, is pleased to announce the publication of a bravely revealed and important true story. Battle lines are drawn in an LDS setting as from a young man's own words we learn the reality of early experiences with peer abuse, same-sex internet pornography, a gay-affirming culture, and online associations with predatory men, conditions which can send developing masculinity and sexuality into confusion and addiction.

How is our secularized
and sexually permissive environment

                     shaping the lives of young people?
What role does each of us play in their increasing decisions to
turn to pornography and homosexuality?
Here is a riveting  
true life experience
that reveals stunning answers.

Snippets of what experts have to say about Captain of My Soul:

"The condition of same-sex identity is definitely treatable. Your book would be a great resource."
-W. Dean Belnap, M. D., Psychiatrist

"Here's a success story."
 -Douglas E. Brinley, Author, Brigham Young University Professor (ret.), Lecturer

"Aaron's story is not one of quiet desperation, but one of quiet celebration."
-A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D., MBA, MPH, University of Utah School of Medicine

"This is the clear account of love from a family and much greater love from Jesus Christ."
-Dr. Neil E. Whitehead, Ph.D., Author, My Genes Made Me Do It, A Scientific Look at Sexual Orientation

Here is truth about
youth, pornography, and homosexuality
that is being overlooked, ignored, and silenced
by a complacent, conditioned,
and dangerously compromised culture.

    This is the story of a modern fall and a timeless redemption, with key roles played by a loving family, knowledge and education, gospel-based professional counseling, and unconquerable faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Captain of My Soul may be ordered on now for 12.95, free shipping. It will be available soon on and Also find Chased by an Elephant, the Gospel Truth about Today's Stampeding Sexuality for LDS families, Wild Elephantthe Gospel Truth about Today's Stampeding Sexuality for all Christian families, and Me, Tarzan, You Jane for the youngest children written for all Christian families, also at Tidal Wave Books, BYU Bookstore, through Barnes and Noble and

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