Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This just in from Family Research Council


Liberty Counsel's Rena Lindevaldsen served as the attorney for Lisa Miller, a Christian, ex-gay woman who was ordered by the courts to turn over custody of her own biological daughter to her former lesbian partner. Rena is telling Lisa's tragic story in a newly-released book, Only One Mommy. FRC's Peter Sprigg read the book in advance and says "Only One Mommy is worth the price of three books, because in a sense it is three books. It is the tragic story of a woman, Lisa Miller, whose family dysfunction and abuse in childhood led her into multiple addictions - including homosexuality. It is a warning about a legal system designed to protect the rights of a natural parent, which is now being used to abuse those rights; and more broadly, about a political movement bent on stifling the exercise of religious liberty for all. And it is the touching story of how the author, Rena Lindevaldsen, came to realize that what Lisa really needed was a Christian woman who would be her friend, not just her lawyer. Every citizen who cares about freedom, every parent, every person struggling with same-sex attractions, and every Christian who wants to minister to them should read this book."

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