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Californians -- sign this petition!!

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Why Repeal California Senate Bill 48

What it does

SB 48 will use all social science curriculum, including history books and other instructional materials, to teach children as young as five not only to accept but also to endorse transgenderism, bisexuality, and homosexuality. SB 48 has been misrepresented to the public and passed as a bill aimed to end bullying. But whatever the stated goal, the actual provisions of the bill say nothing about bullying. Instead, they regulate the content of classroom instruction. SB 48 requires all public schools — including charter schools — to include positive discussions of the sexual orientations of transgender, bisexual, and gay Americans in all social science courses. The sponsors have repeatedly asserted that SB 48 mandates this provocative material for California students in all grades from K-12.

SB 48 will take effect January 2012 unless its implementation is stopped. Under SB 48, public schools would begin supplementing current instruction with pro-transgender, bisexual and homosexual materials before textbooks are revised. However, once we collect the necessary amount of signatures, implementation of SB 48 will be halted until the people vote on the measure. In other words, schools will not be required to supplement instruction with additional pro-transgender, bisexual and homosexual materials because the bill’s fate will be undecided.

What you can do

Sacramento politicians have forgotten the true purpose for schools. Our public schools are not institutions for social engineering. Instead, they are academic institutions. SB 48 does absolutely nothing to reduce bullying, improve the state of our education system, ensure students graduate, or prepare them for global competitiveness. Instead it diverts precious classroom time and resources away from science, math, reading, and writing to promote the political agenda of a few.

Stop SB 48’s referendum will give the people the opportunity to do the job Governor Brown refused to do: Veto SB 48. You can get involved by receiving our email updates, donating to Stop SB 48, volunteering, following us on Facebook and letting your family and friends know about Stop SB 48.

How it happened

As SB 48 made its way through the legislative process, concerned citizens testified against the bill in hearing after hearing. Yet Sacramento politicians snubbed the people, passing SB 48 in the Assembly 50-26 and in the Senate 23-14. A total of 72 Democrats and 1 Republican (Nathan Fletcher – San Diego) voted in favor of SB 48.

Governor Brown did not heed the people’s call to veto SB 48. Instead he sided with special interest groups, including the California Teachers Union, in their push to impose this controversial bill.

Californians are no strangers to indifferent Sacramento politicians who ignore the people’s voice. SB 48 is another example. In order to Stop SB 48, it is now up to us, the people, to halt implementation.

PFOX Note:  PFOX had testified before the sponsor of the bill, a homosexual senator, and asked him to include ex-gays in his homosexual/bisexual/transgender bill, but he refused:

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