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Last Chance to Save $100 on Noble Man Workshop, Nov. 4-7


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Last Chance to Save $100 on

"Noble Man" Workshop


Save $100 when you register by September 23 

for the November 4-7 Workshop


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Celebration of the

Noble Man:

Healing Men's Wounds With Women


Friday, Nov. 4 

thru Monday, Nov. 7, 2011

The Noble Man workshop by Celebration of Being is a three-and-a-half-day, three-night Intensive for men from all walks of life who are ready to heal their issues with women.


This is a safe environment for you to express and explore your fears, wounds and resentments around the feminine, and to let go of whatever is in the way of you relating from a space of presence, openness and integrity.


Rajyo and BrittaThe program is led by Rajyo Markman and Britta Johnson, assisted by a volunteer staff of women who have embarked on their own personal-growth and inner-healing work. 


All are women who are grounded, accepting, conscious and welcoming - ready to "hold space" for men who to go deeply into their shadows around women.


men and women celebratingNoble Man is designed for men from all walks of life, whether heterosexual, gay, or walking a journey out of unwanted same-sex attractions.


Many SSA men have found Noble Man to be a particularly welcoming and powerful avenue for addressing their wounds around the feminine while exploring their heterosexual potential.


People Can Change is supporting Celebration of Being in presenting the Noble Man Weekend on the US East Coast this year because both organizations are strongly committed to men's healing and growth -- with People Can Change primarily emphasizing healing around the masculine and Noble Man emphasizing healing around the feminine.  


To learn more about the Celebration of Noble Man workshop, visit the Celebration of Being Web page or the People Can Change Web page.


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At Celebration of the Noble Man, you will...


-- Learn to trust your masculine power and sense of purpose in the presence of the feminine.


-- Release old wounds, fears and resentments towards women. 


-- Learn that being open, vulnerable and present is undeniably attractive to women. 


-- Be able to have a nourishing relationship, while staying true to yourself. 


Testimonial from Rich Wyler of People Can Change...


Rich Wyler"Rayjo and Britta are profoundly gifted facilitators of experiential-healing work. They 'get' men and masculinity, while remaining unequivocally grounded in the feminine. They also 'get' the SSA journey as well as any women can who have not walked this path themselves. They respect our path and our values and goals, without judgment.


"Yet they are equally respectful and affirming of gay men and men who have always been heterosexual. They never judge; they just help men find their own true path for them.


"People Can Change recommends the Noble Man weekend for any man, SSA or not, who is ready to face his shadows around the feminine, and get more grounded in the masculine while in the presence of women."


-- Rich Wyler, founder and director, People Can Change 

Questions? Contact:


Celebration of Being, 1-415-233-4674,


People Can Change,



Upcoming Dates


Sept 22 to 25, 2011

Isle of Wight, England


Oct. 20 to 23, 2011

San Luis Obispo, California


Click here to register or to apply for financial aid through Celebration of Being



Nov. 4 to 7, 2011

Brandamore, Pennsylvania


The November event is 

co-sponsored by 

People Can Change


Click here to register for the November workshop (Pennsylvania)


Click here to apply 

for financial aid for the November workshop (Pennsylvania)



Regular Registration:



Early Registration:



when you pay in full  by Sept. 23 for the November event 


Fee Covers:

  • 3 1/2 day program facilitated by expert female staff and female and male volunteers
  • 3 nights stay at private camp
  • All meals 

Partial sponsorships may be available for men on limited incomes.


Additional discounts may be available for graduates of Journey Into Manhood who attend with an "OSA" friend. 


Ask Rich Wyler for details:




Testimonial from past participants 


"The weekend was a life-changing experience for me. I went in with two goals: to be able to forgive my mother, and to discover emotional intimacy with my wife. 


"The processes enabled me to achieve both of these goals in a profound way...which far exceeded my expectations. I am now able to truly see and be present with my wife in a way I have never been able to achieve in over 12 years of marriage." 

                                    ~ KC


"My husband came home being the man that I have always wanted him to be. We had the most intimate evening together that we've had in 8 years, he finally let me into his soul!! Thank you, thank you, thank you."  

~ Wife of Noble Man Participant 


"Never in my life have I been so enveloped by women who drenched me in unconditional love and non judgmental acceptance. This was so healing for me, to be seen and recognized for who I am as a man. 


"I was able to both clear previous wounds with women in my life, and to build inner strength to be able to love and accept women without projecting my stuff onto them. Quite simply I feel free to love and be loved."


           ~Scott Baugh , LA, CA



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