Thursday, September 15, 2011

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GOP Relishes Weiner Seat

If you'd looked up the word "underdog" before yesterday's election, you might have seen a picture of NY-9 candidate Bob Turner. By all appearances, a pro-life, pro-family, Catholic Republican didn't stand a chance in one of the state's longest Democratic dynasties. That all changed Tuesday, when the local businessman turned 90 years of political history on its head and became the first Republican to represent the district since Prohibition. In what should have been a "gimme" seat for Democrats after Rep. Anthony Weiner's resignation, Bob Turner carried a seven-point lead over state senator David Weprin (D). Beyond New York, there are bound to be a lot of grumpy Democrats today, as donors across the country emptied their wallets into a race that yielded nothing but national humiliation. While the media is characterizing the defeat as an S.O.S. for President Obama, there's been barely a footnote on the marriage connection. Adding to the frustration of a largely Jewish district, Weprin is one of the 33 reasons New Yorkers are living with same-sex "marriage."

The media can ignore that, but Democrats aren't. Liberals have been blaming Weprin's poor showing on his marriage vote for weeks. Despite its demographics, NY-9 is no different than California, Maine, Iowa, or Maryland. As groups like FRC have argued, traditional marriage is a cross-cultural, cross-racial, bipartisan value. So if you, like so many Americans, thought the issue was decided in New York, think again. In most neighborhoods, the clash over marriage is just beginning. The city's immigrants are overwhelmingly pro-family, the New York Times explains, and the idea of homosexual "marriage" has been met with "disgust."

"New York redefined marriage this summer," writes Kathryn Jean Lopez, "and the Democratic assemblyman who helped that happen... paid for his vote at the polls." If elections have taught us anything, it's that candidates can be outspent and outmaneuvered--but they won't be outnumbered if they understand the importance of the family. Let this be a lesson to every campaign and party in America. If you're going to embrace gay "marriage," don't be surprised when voters leave you at the altar on election day.

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