Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bad idea: Gardasil for boys


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Bad idea: Gardasil for boys

Gardasil, a vaccine used to inoculate young girls against a form of cervical cancer, is now being recommended for boys ages 11 to 12. Some sources consider that to be a bad idea and not cost-effective.


Any hope for DOMA? military watchdog Elaine Donnelly takes no satisfaction in being right with her prediction that radical homosexual groups would use the repeal of the ban on homosexual military service as a springboard to attack traditional marriage.

Military homosexuals suing for marriage rights


Perspective: Shredding Kathleen Sebelius
Michelle Malkin smallYou'd think if a member of the president's Cabinet was connected to a criminal obstruction case, it would be big news. Don't hold your breath.


Churches dialogue re: culture, faith

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Anglican Church in North America are discussing the challenges of maintaining an orthodox evangelical faith in a culture of challenging trends.


'They just keep suing and suing and suing ...'
After failing to silence a portion of the Pledge of Allegiance on a national scale, a humanist group that strives to bring about a "progressive society where being good without gods is an accepted way to live" has filed a lawsuit at the state level to stop it.


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7 dead after semi-truck slams into minivan in Ind.


Rally fed by European debt deal begins to slow


Obama 2008 donors not as excited for 2012


Arrests made at Wall St. protest in Nashville


Int'l Court in indirect talks with Gadhafi son


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David Limbaugh: Obama's Illusory Student Loan Scheme


7 dead in Indiana crash

Teacher convicted

Rina hits Mexico


The Desperate Wickedness ...

Personal Income and Spend...

Market Should Be Steady F...



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