Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Does Ohio Need 'Gay' Pride in Schools and Offices?

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Ohio House Bill 335: Do We Need "Gay Pride" at School and Work?

It's not about equality. It's about immorality.

People who believe homosexuality is a good thing are back again at the Ohio Statehouse. A new bill has just been introduced into the Ohio House of Representatives that claims to be about homosexual “equality”, but it turns out, that’s not true.

It’s House Bill 335, called the “Equal Housing and Employment Act.” Its sponsors are Nickie J. Antonio (D) of the 13th District (Cleveland area), and Ross McGregor (R) of the 72nd district (Springfield area).

You might remember the effort two years ago to pass a similar bill, then called House Bill 176. Well, it’s the same outrageous effort all over again. That bill passed the Democrat-controlled Ohio House, but stalled in the Senate. A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch had this biased headline, proclaiming: “Bill seeks protections for gays.”

But no, it doesn’t. It seeks protection for homosexual behavior, which doesn’t need or deserve protection, because people are always better off without it.

This bill will force everyone at work or school to approve of, or remain silent about, the open expression of homosexual behavior and cross-dressing as well as workers who choose to have a sex change operation, a mutilation/amputation of healthy body parts which is never necessary.

Teachers and employees can openly proclaim a homosexual identity, or dress and act like the opposite sex, and they will not be able to be fired, demoted or disciplined. Taxpaying parents and their children will just have to adjust.


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Planned Parenthood "Condom Couture" Event

Wearing promiscuity proudly...

On October 19, Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio will hold a gala evening, called "Condom Couture." Students will compete for scholarships by designing fashions constructed of condoms.

The purpose they claim is to highlight the need to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. How about abstinence? It works much better on many levels.

For this barbaric display, donors are charged a minimum of $45.


For a more worthwhile cause, donate to Pregnancy Decision Health Centers,

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