Monday, October 24, 2011

FW: FSM Fall 2011 Newsletter & Important Updates

Fall 2011 Newsletter Now Available


Feature article: Reaching Out at Gay Pride 

A report by Stephen Black


A portion of the report:

At first, it may seem reasonable to rebuke a minister of the Gospel and the director of an “ex-gay” ministry for attending a gay pride event.  As an ex-gay myself, it sounds reasonable even to me that I had “no business being at a gay pride parade.” After all, I am Biblically charged to resist even the appearance of evil.


Also inside:

  • Feature Article Reaching Out at Gay Pride by Stephen Black
  • Coram Deo
  • Pastor's Luncheon and Equipping Weekend with Dr. Robert Gagnon


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Pastor's & Leader's Luncheon - November 11th

Pastor's & Leader's Seminar - November 12th


If you are a Pastor or Ministry leader, you are invited to join us on Friday, November 11th for our Pastor's Luncheon. Additionally, on Saturday morning, we are hosting Dr. 


Robert Gagnon. You won't want to miss this opportunity to hear Dr. Gagnon! He brings theological expertise on biblical positions of homosexuality.


The following information is available in our Fall 2011 Newsletter, on our website or a PDF here. Registration is requested for the Pastor's/Leader's Luncheon and optional for the Saturday event.


Please invite your pastor and ministry leaders!





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