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2011 NARTH President's Award: Michel Lizotte, M.A.

2011 NARTH President's Award Goes to Michel Lizotte, M.A.

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This year NARTH presented the President's award to Michel Lizotte, M.A., for the great work that he is doing with regard to the issue of homosexuality. Mr. Lizotte has made great sacrifices to educate the French-speaking community on the issue of homosexuality, clearly presenting the research and providing hope and help to those who are seeking such help.

In 2004, after many years working as a francophone television and radio host in Canada, Michel Lizotte completed his Bachelor's degree in Journalism at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Shortly thereafter, as the Canadian government began the debate on legalizing same-sex marriage and the adoption of children by same-sex couples, Mr. Lizotte began an independent journalistic inquiry on the subject matter.

Before long, Mr. Lizotte discovered that there existed a population of individuals that considered themselves to be "ex-gay", (individuals who had once done their "coming out" and claimed a homosexual identity only to later on revise that conclusion after receiving support that helped them to develop their heterosexual potential). He then decided to pursue a Masters degree in Spiritual Anthropology on the subject, and to publish the findings of his journalistic research in a book.

In 2007, after three years of hard work, Michel Lizotte graduated from the University of  Sherbrooke and published his first book entitled "HOMOSEXUALITE: les mythes et les faits" (Homosexuality: the myths and the facts). During the following months an increasing number of individuals who were unhappy with unwanted same-sex attractions began to contact Mr. Lizotte for help.  In 2009, resulting from the public's demand for help, Mr. Lizotte surrounded himself with a team of volunteers who rapidly put together information sessions on the subject and made them available to those who were seeking answers.

In 2010, the first network of bilingual speaking Canadian therapists willing to offer support to those with unwanted same-sex attractions was formed on the initiative of Mr. Lizotte and his team. By the end of that year the team adopted the name "Ta Vie Ton Choix" (Your Life Your Choice), and officially gained status as a non-profit organization.

In 2011, Mr. Lizotte and his team officially launched the first French speaking website in North America to offer scientific information to the wider public on homosexuality and the possibility of being free from unwanted same-sex attractions:

All throughout this adventure Mr Lizotte has had to pay an important personal cost; his reputation has been attacked on the internet as well as through the liberal media, and along with that he has lost many jobs and employment opportunities. He has, however, never stopped defending the rights of the Canadian public to obtain access to sound scientific information on homosexuality, and the rights of those who are unhappy with same-sex attractions to receive the help that they are seeking.

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