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Is Grove City College anti-ex-gay?


AFTAH in the News: This article below from AFA's "One News Now" is a reminder of AFTAH's important role in holding even public Christians accountable on the "H" issue.  In the last few years, many pro-family leaders and activists have been confused and outraged by Grove City College Professor Warren Throckmorton's descent (or defection...) into pro-homosexual advocacy.  But few have aired their concerns -- which only adds to the confusion.  


As an independent truth-telling organization, AFTAH serves as the conscience of the pro-family movement -- and we try not to give people a pass just because they have an "E" (Evangelical) or "R" (Republican) next to their name.  Following this ONN story is my open letter to Throckmorton on AFTAH's website.  For more on the errant GCC prof, plug "Throckmorton" into AFTAH's search engine at


TAKE ACTION: Contact Grove City College and respectfully ask them to explain how pro-homosexuality advocacy fits in with their advertised claim to parents and prospective students to be "authentically Christian."  GCC President Richard Jewell can be reached at: (724)-458-2500 Fax: (724)-458-2190 Email:   And the rest of the GCC leadership team can be reached here: Thank you for standing with us. -- Peter LaBarbera,


P.S.  There's also a link at the bottom of this e-mail to my response to the latest vicious swipe at me and AFTAH by hateful homosexual propagandist Wayne Besen.



Educator's pro-'gay' advocacy challenged

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 11/3/2011 3:50:00 AMBookmark and Share

An Illinois-based pro-family group has written a public letter urging a psychology professor at a Christian college in Pennsylvania to publicly apologize for his "pro-homosexual activism."


Dr. Warren ThrockmortonPeter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, tells OneNewsNow that Grove City College educator Dr. Warren Throckmorton was at one time a respected person in the pro-family movement who said it is possible for homosexuals to leave their lifestyle.
"But in the last few years, he's basically become a pro-gay advocate who discredits the idea of change for most homosexuals," LaBarbera explains. "He grants the idea that they can change, but he says change is very rare.
"So effectively, Warren Throckmorton has become a very useful advocate for the homosexual side because he can claim to be an evangelical and yet he's undermining scriptural truth."
LaBarbera goes on to say that the professor of psychology is associated with a respected Christian school that advertises itself as "authentically Christian."
Peter LaBarbera (AFTAH)"We're asking [him] to either apologize for his pro-homosexual advocacy, or to basically admit that he doesn't belong at a college which calls itself a biblically Christian college," states the pro-family leader, concluding that one cannot have it both ways.
According to LaBarbara, Christians know people can leave the lifestyle, and that through Christ, many thousands have. So he says Throckmorton's message -- that change is near impossible -- is contrary to Christian thinking.
LaBarbera concludes that Throckmorton criticizes people "such as David Barton and Scott Lively, but ... needs to examine what he's doing and stop criticizing everybody else." He also argues that the educator's statements have "caused widespread consternation and confusion in Christian circles and within the pro-family movement."
OneNewsNow contacted Throckmorton, who declined to offer comment.


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